Fire Evacuation

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This past week a huge fire broke out in box canyon and traveled all the way to Malibu. The fire burned 91,572 aches and 370 structures.  I was at my grandmas house when we evacuated. My mom was in Hawaii when the fire happened. My grandmas house is right next to Hidden Hills, which is where one part of the fire happened. The fire was about a little more than a half a mile away from my grandmas house. Then about ten minutes later the fire was right across the street, one hundred feet up the hill. If my grandpa didn’t see the fire the whole hill would of been burned and we would have to run down the hill not take a car.

When we evacuated she drove me, my cousin, and my sister down to my mom’s house in West Hills. My grandpa was still getting their three dogs into the car. My grandpa has bad bad shoulders and one of their dogs was not cooperating.  I was so afraid when the fire was right up the hill. I was also afraid if the fire was going to hit my grandma’s house. My feelings were mixed and I didn’t know whet to do. In that moment it is different than anybody who would understand if they were in my skin. It was one of those moments where all I remember is my grandma telling us to evacuate and me getting in the car. I also remember when I walked outside and I saw the fire half way up the hill. My cousin crying because he was afraid for his dog. My grandma said that she was yelling at my sister so loud that it was the loudest that she has ever yelled before in her whole lifetime. Then after that we went to my Mom’s house (which is also my house). My mom’s house in about 5 minutes away from my grandmas house. My house is in West Hills. I could see the fire up on Castle Peak. Castle peak is a hill, but the top is made up of rocks.

It’s devastating how much damage a fire can do to the Earth. In Malibu the fire was worse. Instead of the smoke traveling the fire went up and was a giant smoke monster. In West Hills the fire traveled and it was a light smoke. When we got to my house I missed my mom and I was so happy that we were safe. About three people died in the Woolsey fire. Luckily nobody that I know lost their house. My friend’s mom made the m evacuate and he lives five hoses up from me. I am so happy everybody is safe and evacuated. A lot of celebrities houses got burned down by the fire. I feel very sad for the peoples houses that got burned down. I hope everybody is

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