Thanksgiving At My House

Thanksgiving is a fun, great, and relaxing. But not in my house. When I was smaller I don’t remember my family celebrating thanksgiving, that’s because we probable because we didn’t celebrate it. But from age 8 or 9 I think we started.

Here is how it goes. I wake up and I go downstairs to eat breakfast then I basically wait until my mom and dad wakes up. Then when everyone’s awake we get ready and get in the car to drive to the store. When we do it’s like the store is having an avalanche. We buy so much food. And I’m a family of 6 so it really gets crazy. We buy so much food that we don’t really have any room in the car.

When we get home we start cooking. My dad usually makes the turkey, and me and my little sisters helps him a little. And we all help with something, my mom usually relaxes, and then she comes to help. Everyone helps with the mash potatoes and the green beans and more. After that every kid in my family except my brother goes to the grocery bags and looks for the stuff they bought to make dessert.

I usually make strawberries dipped in chocolate. And every year I try to make it better. Then when the turkey is cooking then we still cook but, it gets even more crazy. Last year my sister got mad and sad that no one ate her dessert, because no offense it was pretty bad. So we all had to eat a little of it.

In my house everyone loves thanksgiving, because to tell you the truth it’s pretty fun when it’s crazy. But sometimes it’s to crazy. And then my sisters take a brake. They could be reading a book, watch T.V or play something outside. I usually stay and help cooking.

But anyway in the kitchen people could talk, people cook, and people yell. Here are some food my family makes.

  • Mash potato’s
  • Green beans
  • Turkey
  • Sweet potato’s
  • Gravy
  • Corn
  • We also buy corn cake not make it
  • Salad
  • Stuffing
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Brussels sprouts
  • And more

So those are some foods. When were done we put it on the table and we dig in and while we eat we say things were thankful for. We finish most of the food. but if we have left overs then we eat it the next day.

And then because chocolate has dairy in it we have to wait about 3 to 4 hours to eat it because I’m Jewish. And when we do we eat it, if it’s good. And after that we have a movie night.  Witch is fun because we all have to decide what to watch. And it’s kind of funny because we argue.

I think thanksgiving in my house is weird because it’s fun, crazy and awesome. That is why we all have fun because even when it’s crazy we all love each other. So that is thanksgiving in my house.


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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!