Water bottles that make me happy

Alright, what is going on guys. Today, we will be diving into the realm of weird (but amazing) water bottles. Now you could be saying to yourself “How weird could water bottles get?” Well, you would really be surprised. So without further ado, lets get into it.

  1. Cow Utter Bottle: Okay, jumping into this first one. You could kind of get a feeling of how this article is gonna go. If you are looking for a “different” approach to a water bottle, and you want something a little more interesting then your everyday water bottle, then you should one hundred percent go for this bottle. It has a protective shell, its not made out of glass but instead of glass. And it also has a measure-er on the side of the bottle (because of its main focus being for babies). But adults can use it too. Oh ya, and you can suck your water from all of the utters. Innovative, I know. Image result for cow udder water bottle
  2. Fish water bottle: Next up, we have quite a great water bottle for those “marine-lovers”. This fish water bottle is very different from all your normal bottles, so if you are looking for something that is not like normal bottles, then this is perfect for you. If you want to be the talk of the office, the state, the country. Then you should totally buy this. Image result for weird looking water bottle
  3. Bandai Water bottle: We have another bottle, for you marine lovers. Or squid lovers at that. So if you want to get something that is different, cute, and at the same time will make you stand out from all those as the kids say these days “bunk” water bottles, then you should really consider getting this, or (get the whole set) these bottles. One for you, your pet, and your fifth cousin (because he matters too).Image result for weird looking water bottle
  4. Ooho Water droplets: These next two “bottles” will be more innovative, and helpful towards the environment. And will ultimately help to make the world a cleaner, and better place. These ooho water droplets are designed to be eaten (so yes it is water that you can eat). And they are made to give you more of the water you need each day (because they know that it is tough). And you might be asking “How can you eat water?” Well its made by encapsulating, and freezing the water, so you can eat (drink) the water that is in that little ball.Image result for weird looking water bottle
  5. Biodegradable Algae water bottle:  Last, but certainly not least on our list. We have a biodegradable algae water bottle. Unlike the last one, this one is actually a bottle, that disintegrates over time. And therefore, saves a lot of waste made by water bottle. Because a normal water bottle takes over one thousand years to disintegrate.  And you could argue that is what recycling is for, but a lot of people forget to recycle or do not do it at all. So making this more mainstream would really help in the long run for you, the earth and stuff.Image result for weird looking water bottle