Is Social Media Good or Bad?

Social media is a huge part of everyday life. It’s popularity only increases over the years. Around 196 million people in the United States alone use social media. This leads people to wonder whether social media is good or bad. While there are many cons of using social media, I believe that social media will always have more upsides than downsides.

Contrary to the popular belief that the more time students spend on the internet the worse their grades are, social media may help students do better in school. According to, “59% of students with access to the Internet report that they use social media to discuss educational topics and 50% use the sites to talk about school assignments.” Students may use social to post questions about subjects they don’t understand, and there will be tons of people ready to help them. I actually created a group chat with several other students for the sole purpose of helping each other with our schoolwork.

A huge percentage of people use social media to communicate with their friends. According to, “93% of adults on Facebook use it to connect with family members, 91% use it to connect with current friends, and 87% use it to connect with friends from the past [274] 72% of all teens connect with friends via social media. [200] 83% of these teens report that social media helps them feel more connected to information about their friends’ lives, 70% report feeling more connected to their friends’ feelings, and 57% make new friends,” I personally love to see what my friends are up to.

There is more positivity spread throughout social media than negativity. According to, “In an analysis of Facebook post data, researchers found that moods spread on Facebook…and positive status updates actually have a bigger impact. Each positive post spread another 1.75 positive posts, whereas each negative one only led to an extra 1.29 negative posts.” While many people would think that the use of social media will only result in more negativity spread, this research proved the opposite.

Social media has encouraged many to people to vote. According to, “Facebook users reported they are more likely to vote if they see on social media sites that their friends voted.” We are very lucky to have the right to vote in America. Without our right to vote, we’d be living under a tyranny. However, when the time to vote comes, many people will forget to vote. Someone might get elected who those people disagreed with, and if they remembered to vote that person wouldn’t have been elected. Social media will help remind people to get out and vote.

Social media could be used to help find criminals. According, “The New York Police Department was one of the first forces to add a Twitter tracking unit and use social networking to arrest criminals who have bragged of their crimes online,” Although not many criminals actually will post their crimes online, it will make it easier to find the ones that do.

Social media promotes more good than bad.