The Fire In West Hills 🔥

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There once was a girl named Alyna  and she was 13 and she lived in West Hills, California. One day she went to Hale which is her middle school .After school she went to practice for color guard for 3 hours. After practices she gets picked up by her aunt Jenn and took her to McDonald’s to get some food. When she went to McDonald’s she ordered a box of 10 piece chicken nuggets, a medium size fry, and a medium sprite. Alyna ate her food on the way home and on the way home she saw a fire and she got scared and told her aunt and her aunt said don’t worry.

When they got home Alyna’s mom and dad said they have to evacuate and to pack everything and bring it to her uncles house. Alyna was so scared that she started to cry but everyone said it was ok and that we will be safe. So Alyna went to her room to go pack her stuff. Alyna only packed a few things like her dance stuff her baby blanket and her camera. That was it and some clothes. After she packed she put it in her dads car and went to help her aunt and uncle put her dogs and cats  in the crate and take them to there house and Alyna went with them.

When Alyna arrived she helped bring in the animals and but them in the room that they belong in. After Alyna put the animals in the rooms she went to bed in the kids room. The next day she woke up and asked her mom how the fire was and she said it was zero percent contained and that made her worry. But she did want to be worried so she went to go hang out with her cousin Paige. When she went to hang out with Paige they played Minecraft and watched Youtube. They watched  a couple videos then the went to go make quesadilla. After they made them they sat in the living room to eat them.

After they finished they went back to the room to draw. They drew a hole bunch of stuff like tie-die and people and much more. After a long day of  fun they went to bed. In the mourning she woke up and went to get breakfast. When she went to get breakfast she got waffles. She got them out of the freezer and put them in the toaster. As days went on Alyna got more worried. She had to stay there for four days and the fire just got worse and worse. Every day they looked at the the status of the fire but it was 0% contained. After a couple of days it was good to go home and Alyna was very happy because she could finally go home and relax. She was so happy because a couple days later she got a 7 week old kitten named Ember that was in the fire to. And now there family.

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