How Students Use Technology at Hale

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Ok so I have been at Hale for about a year and a half now and one thing that I have noticed is that we use technology for a lot of things. like assignments, since every assignment is different some teachers have you open it in a Google Document some is Google slides and so on and so forth. A great example is a project I did recently in my science class. So basically what the project was was that I have to go on google documents and use the drawing tool provided by Google, to make a rover that can go on Titan which is a moon of Saturn to find gold oil and water. So that was one way that we used technology in my assignment. Another way that we used technology in this assignment was that our teacher had told us to go on our devices at home and access something that she had put up online for us to become an expert on our part of the project.

Another assignment that I had to do was in sixth grade but we still had to use technology as the main point in our project so basically what the assignment was that my teacher (science teacher) would assign us into groups and we were given little kinnex pieces which is what you can use to build different things so our assignment was that we had to build a building and calculate all of our costs and see how much our total price would be. I was the presenter so I had to create a google slide once I created the Google slide I shared it with everyone in my group even though since I was the presenter I had to do most of the work on the slides  It was still super convenient for everyone in the group. Oh, and by the way in case you were wondering My group won first place overall, passed a shake test that was in the steam lab, and after my presentation, I got a really loud round of applause and some very kind words from my teacher and group.

Ok, so another project that I did last year was a career project where we went on this website and we took a quiz and basically the quiz states a question and you can say what you think of the statement. Like for example if you don’t like working with children you would mark the option don’t like or strongly dislike and if you enjoy doing it you could say like or strongly like. After you take this quiz I believe a total of 50 career choices come up. All the careers are chosen from the feedback of your quiz. So for my project, I had to pick one of the jobs and make a google slideshow showing how I will make a living out of this Job. For example, I had to show what car I would have and my monthly payments for it. I also had to include where I would live and had to include all of my monthly costs and How I would afford them. Although it was a difficult project it was still really fun and I enjoyed working on it.