Best types of cookies

There are many types of cookies in the world that are very good and I feel some are very underrated Here is my opinion of all the best cookies in the entire world.

Chocolate Chip/Chunk

Chocolate Chip cookies are just recognized as the main cookie. Everyone has eaten some sort of Chocolate chip cookie whether it be gluten free or some other difference. The chocolate chip is just so good because you have the cookie, which is sweet, and the chocolate, that is even sweeter. The chocolate chip is one of the best cookies for its classic taste. Chocolate chunk cookies are just chocolate chip cookies with more chocolate so if you like chocolate you will like these.


Now the sugar cookie I will be talking about is the one without icing that is different. The one I think is amazing is the one with the little pieces of sugar on top. It is so sweet and its very tasty. I like the fact that is doesn’t have chocolate in it. I am not the biggest chocolate fan but like it with my cookies. Sugar cookies are one of my favorite types of cookies in the world.


Fortune cookies are so good! Not just because of the taste but because of the cool fortune. The fortune makes a very bland cookie cool. I like the shape and taste but its just very bland. I think fortune cookies are very good. The fortunes in these cookies are very inspiring and/or funny such as  “I cannot help you I am just a cookie” and “success lies in the hands of those who wants it”.


Gingerbread cookies are the best cookies for Christmas time. Since Christmas is my favorite holiday I love these cookies. Not because of the taste but the creativity. You can make people, houses, and so much more. The gingerbread cookie is very cool for these reasons and it has a decent taste. I think gingerbread cookies are great due to their relationship with Christmas and the creativity with them.


Oreos are so good. They have the amazing creme filling in the center and the chocolate cookie. Oreos also have other flavors like “Golden”, the crazy “Hot and Spicy flavor”, and many more! Oreo is not the first to do this style of cookie but it is the most popular. I feel Oreos are good whether its the name brand or a no name.


Fudge cookies are the best cookies for chocolate lovers. These cookies include so much chocolate but not just for when you have those cravings. These cookies are sometimes more expensive but are totally worth it because of their great taste.

This is my list of the best types of cookies. I hope this encourages you to try new types of cookies and new types of foods in the future and for you to hear my opinion about cookies. I know its a weird topic but I was out of ideas. Thank you.