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My favorite sport is baseball. Baseball is a sport where you hit, run around the bases, catch, and throw a ball. First there is a ball. The ball is starts with a small rubber ball, with strings wrapping around the rubber ball, and finally sealed in leather bound with red seams. The seams can be used to manipulate the spin of the ball when thrown by the pitcher. A pitcher is a position who throws the ball to the batter, the offensive position, in an attempt to throw a strike or have the hitter hit the ball and get an out. I know, that is a lot to understand, but worry not, I will break it down.

A pitch is a ball the is thrown to a batter, for the batter to hit and make a play. A play is when a ball gets to an infielder or the outfielder. An infield has five positions. The short stop, first baseman, third base, pitcher, and second base. The field is shaped like a diamond. The field is a certain amount of feet. There is center field, right field, and left field. The outfield has players on all three sides of the field. The four infielders are meant for when the ball is hit closer in the field the infielders can get the ball, so the outfielders don’t have to run all the way up to the infield to get the ball.

The Giants played in a field that was 500 feet through 1892-1957. The field reduced it size to 483 feet. That is still the record for the longest baseball field ever. On April 17, 1953, Micky Mantle hit the longest hit ever recorded. It was estimated at about 656 feet. Glen Gorbus threw a ball 445 and 10 inches, from the outfield in a live baseball game.  My favorite baseball player is Mike Trout. In my opinion is one of the best players to play baseball. He is a center fielder just like I am. In the game of Major League Baseball there is 162 games of baseball in one year. All teams in baseball usually play every day, but the will sometimes get a day of if their lucky. He is so good that he got drafted first. His batting average is 312. That means that he hits three out of ten hits. That is a great batting average. He is 27 years old, 6’2″, and is 235 pounds. over the hole season he had 39 home runs! The most home runs ever hit in a hole career was Barry Bonds, with 762 home runs.

The fastest runner is baseball was Trea Turner, who ran at the top speed of 23.1 miles an hour. The fastest ball ever thrown from a pitcher was 106 miles an hour. The most amount of pitches thrown to one batter was 18 pitches. The slowest pitch ever thrown was 27 miles an hour. John Williams threw it, It was a knuckleball. A knuckleball is when you throw the ball with your knuckles and the lases don’t move. When the laces don’t move it makes the ball shake, which can make the batter confused.


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