Why I love exercising

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I’m a hyperactive kid. There are many ways I get exercise.

My favorite sport is softball which includes a lot of running.

At school we run a lap every day and there is a time limit, so you kind of have to run the whole thing, which is what I do. Every Wednesday we run a mile. We also have a time limit which is nine minuets. I always get at least seven minuets and thirty seconds. Whenever I exercise it always makes me happy or joyful inside. These are only a few things on how I exercise.

Here are all of the ways I get exercise, during the softball season we do a lot of drills and I enjoy them. Right now I am in all-stars, so we have practice every single day, which can get tiring but I still like it. I think the time I get most of my exercise is when we have to run laps for warm-ups.

Another type of exercise I do is, some nights my family and I take my new dog out for a walk and we run most of the time. My dog loves it too. If we don’t take our dog out he runs extra fast the next day, so that means we have to run faster. When he runs full speed, I tend to run faster than ever before. Another way I get exercise with my dog is, everyday I come home I go outside and run for like ten minuets and throw the ball around trying not to fall into my pool because I would be running so fast that I would not be able to balance myself.

Swimming is another way I get exercise. Obviously it is not swimming weather right now, but in summer I love to go swimming. Everyday I would go swimming for like three to four hours (and get sunburned). Now that I have a dog I can teach my dog how to get into my pool for the first time!

When we lived in Santa Clarita, my dad and I used to go rock climbing all the time. When we would do that I would get calluses because we were rock climbing for like two to three hours. I don’t really do that anymore but if there was a rock climbing place nearby I would totally do it.

Finally the last type of exercise I really like is volleyball. I play a lot of volleyball during P.E. I am the team captain so I get to make all of the decisions on which positions people play  .Sense I am the team captain I also get to make the decision on where I go! I am normally in the back because we play against a lot of really hard hitters and it is important that you have someone able to run fast. I think I can run fast.

Overall, I hope I have made clear that I love exercising and like to have fun when doing so.

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