5 Strange Beds That Are Pretty Cool

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5 Strange Beds That Are Pretty Cool

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Beds. Your number one escape plan from the world. Most everyone loves the feeling of releasing every care in the world to your own little world of fluff. But every once and a while we need an upgrade. Here are 5 strange beds that are absolutely rad.

The Bird Nest Bed

First is the giant birds nest. Hands down the absolutely BEST bed to have. You would be the talk of the sleepover with this awesome cradle. This bed comes in many different colors, such as green,  white, and festive Easter egg for spring. This bed can fit up to sixteen children (or offspring rather). The retail price is 15,000 dollars on the following website below.

By the way, an awesome website name if you ask me



The Giant Book Bed

For all the book nerds out there, this may be the perfect bed for you. For everyone who falls asleep reading, imagine falling asleep inside a huge book. Designed by the Japanese Yusuke Suzuki, this bed folds up during the day to save space, and unfolds into your beautiful book bed. This is a prototype, which means it is not for sale currently, but possibly in the future. I can imagine it having quite a large price tag, my estimate being between $20,000 or $30,000.


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The Circular Bed

Next on the list is the fabulous circular bed. A perfect bed to add a mid-century modern twist to your room. Their are many different sorts of this awesome design, but the one to the left is my personal favorite. You can add so many neat touches to it, such as a canopy, beaded canopy, colorful pillows, and other cool items. This is definitely the bed that is easiest to customize to all your needs. Unlike the what I like to call the “egg bed”, it doesn’t come in any colorful forms. But that is up to you of what you want to do with it. Many different forms of the circular bed are available, so I can’t promise you any prices.


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The Not-So-Strange Common Loft Bed

A rather simple sort of bed, but a nice one. I think of it as the only child version of of a bunk bed. Therefore, this is much bed than a bunk bed, for it saves so much space and adds a little workplace for all your schoolwork/work. And that does come in handy with the amount of work we get these days. I really like the design of the one to the right, such as the little shelves right of the desk and the the the desk light above the chair.


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The Oddest Of Them All, The Legendary Hamburger Bed

Last but not least, the Hamburger Bed. This design has no words but the following 40 words I need to write. This bed is pretty ridiculous, no joke. It basically is just a whole bunch of pillows stacked on top of each other. And it probably is too small to sleep in. And I’m sure it is very uncomfortable to sleep in…… But, it looks cool, and that earns it a spot on this list.

I’m done. BYE!






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