Part of My Class Schedule

My classes. Normally, I wake up, get ready and go to school. When I get to school, I go to my locker, which is in the E building. I open my locker and put away the stuff that I took home and grab my science notebook. My advisory is in the H building. But, I don’t go there right away. I go find my friends to walk with them. When the bell rings, I walk over to my advisory. I sit in my usual spot and wait for my other friends to arrive. I get out my notebook and I start to doodle random things. Sometimes I doodle random eyes or maybe a random character that looks like a person. After we do the Pledge of Allegiance, I sit back down and keep doodling. Finally, the bell rings and I leave the room. After I wait for my friends to get out of their advisory class, we walk to our first period, Science class. We walk around the F building on our way to our class. We walk into the classroom and I go to my newly assigned seat. When the class starts, I stop talking to my friends and I listen to what the teacher has to say and teach us.

When the Science class end, I wait for my friend, let’s call her Holly, and we walk to my locker. I put away my science stuff that I don’t need anymore and I grab my history binder and history book. As you probably already guessed, my next and second period is History class. After I close my locker, I go to Holly’s locker and wait for her to finish and get all the stuff she needs. Once Holly gets everything she needs, she closes her locker and we walk around, once again, the F building. We walk towards H-153, that is our History class room number. We get there and we grab the papers that our teacher has put out for us in the front of the classroom. When I am done grabbing all of the papers necessary, I go to sit in my seat. We do fun stuff and finally, the bell rings and it is time for NUTRITION!

I walk to my locker and put away my history stuff and I grab my English notebook and my lunch bag. I go find my friends, let’s call them Bella and Beth, that are at Bella’s locker. Then, we walk together to our usual spot which is the beam. There are random beams holding up the ceilings in the hall so we sit by them everyday. We go to the beam and sit down. We talk about what happened in our classes and what happened the day before or something while we eat. We have so much fun that before we know it, the bell rings and it is time for my third period, English class. We walk towards H-156, our English class, and walk in. My friends, Bella and Beth, they walk towards their desks and I walk to the back of the classroom that is now my new seat. I am in the back of the classroom and sit down. Bella and Beth sit right next to each other and they start talking before the class starts. Since I don’t really know the people that sit around me since I just moved there, I sit quietly and doodle again. We talk about the book that we read together, The Outsiders, and discuss what everything in it means. Then, the bell rings and it is time for fourth period, Physical Education.