Some Friends I’m Thankful For

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Since it’s November (and almost Thanksgiving), I decided to write an article about a couple people/friends that I am thankful for.

1.) Boy Crazy

I have known “Boy Crazy” for a long time and I’m a bit surprised that she’s put up with me for this long. I am very thankful for her because she is always there for me and always notice when I’m sad and makes me feel better. I am so glad that we became best friends and stayed friends through everything.

2.) Mrs. Buckley a.k.a My Twin

Gosh. I don’t even know what to say about this one. There’s so much to say. First of all, I’m so happy that we became best friends and that she is in all/most of my classes. Second of all, this girl has gone through everything with me, well mostly everything. We tell each other everything, even things that we probably shouldn’t be sharing. But we trust each other enough to not spread it. Third of all, she is also always there for me and listens to whatever I have to say about certain people and certain problems.

3.) Momma

Wow. What to say, what to say. This girl has been such an amazing and I’m really sad that she is going to a different school in high school, but I know that we will always stay friends. She, just like the other two, are always there for me and make me feel better when I’m sad. She is also one of the few people who always make me laugh just by saying one sentence or one word.

4.) Daughter

Oh gosh. This girl just came to school about one to two months ago and we are already so close. She is super sweet and an amazing friend and I’m so glad that I met her. It’s unbelievable how she’s put up with me and our friend group for this long.

5.) Makeup Artist

First off, let me just say how good this girl is at fx makeup. I really wish I could put up a picture of her with the makeup on and all the fx, but I can’t, which is so sad. She is super sweet and an amazing person. She’s actually one of the sweetest and amazing person I know.

6.) Mrs. Jung Hoseok/Jhope

Gosh… this girl.. I don’t even know what to say. She loves BTS and her bias is Jhope. She’s one of the only people I can talk to about kpop and dramas. We share almost the same interests and I just love her. There was one time where most of the kids in our English class were absent because of the PSATs and we were working on our digital website, so we sat next to each other and ended up spending the whole period looking up pictures of the BTS members and changing our Google themes to BTS themes. We’re weird people. She also got me into these Asian dramas that are super cute and then we talk about it and start squealing like little girls.

7.) Soccer Mom

“Soccer Mom” and I have been through so much together: same arguments, guy problems, heartbreak, and so much more. She is one of my bet best best friends and even though we have our troubles sometimes, we always make up and become friends again. She’s one of the other people who have been friends which me for a long time and, again, I’m very surprised about how she’s put up with me for this long.

8.) Serena (even though this person doesn’t go to Hale anymore haha) 

Oh gosh… “Serena” is one of the nicest people I know and I could talk to her about anything. She’s one of the only people I could talk to about personal problems because she is one year older than me and doesn’t know any of my friends, so I could talk to her more than I could with my other friends. This girl is super sweet and I miss her so much right now. Journalism isn’t the same without her.

9.) Boba

“Boba” is another one of those really sweet and kind people. She cares about her friends and always puts them first which is one of her many great qualities. If she notices that you are cold, she will offer you her jacket even if she’s also cold. Last year, I was talking to her about how when I get my braces off, I wanted to eat a caramel apple and when I did get them off, she bought me a caramel apple, which by the way is super good.

10.) Mini Stephen King

“Mini Stephen King” just gets me in this special way, if that makes sense. She once told me that she could read people and I didn’t believe her at first, but then when she read me and told me what she found, I believed her because what she said was actually true. And she knows exactly how I feel and always makes this huge speech about it, which always makes me feel better.

11.) Moogly Googly

Gosh this girl is one of my best friends and I’m a little sad because we sort of drifted away this year, but we’re still friends, so I guess that’s good. Right? Haha. Anyways, this girl is one of my many amazing friends and weird ones too. We were once on face time and she put her phone in the fridge and started eating. She ate a whole onion and then drank some sriracha. Then she went to her room and our me down on her desk and left her room. I waited a bit and finally saw her again, but she was dragging her little brother across the room.

12.) Mr. Smarty Pants

“Mr. Smarty Pants,” my best friend’s twin brother/my close friend always shows me and our friends weird videos of Spongebob and stuff, which I find funny sometimes and sometimes not. He also doesn’t let anything get to him, like there was this girl who was super mean to him and cursed at him because he wouldn’t let her sit in his assigned seat. He didn’t let that get to him, instead, he made jokes and/or continued with his work.

13.) Unicorn Man

So this guy is really nice and a great friend. We sort of hate/dislike each other in certain classes, but in others we get along perfectly. For example, in PE, Math, and History, we get along and are always laughing when we talk, but in Science or English, we hate each other, it’s really weird. But other than that, I’m glad I met this guy.

14.) An-Dre-Ah

Oh gosh. Let me just tell you that I met this girl at a sleepover and we immediately hated each other. Sort of, but after a while, we started getting more comfortable with each other. We then became best friends and we still talk now. She is one of the nicest people I know and the funniest too. When we were all about to go to bed that night, we were actually terrified because no lights were on and people kept scaring us which then made us scare us. If that makes sense. Anyways, I’m really thankful that I met her.

15.) The Toenail

This is one of my closest friends from my elementary school and one of the weirdest. I know I say that about a lot of people in this list, but this is one is actually the weirdest. One time, we were at Chick-Fill-A together and he was showing me a demonstration of a flying pig where a small box was the pig and a ketchup packet was the wings. She then squeezed the ketchup packet really hard and it accidentally flew to the side of us onto this customer’s shirt. That customer left and when we left Chick-Fill-A, me and “The Toenail” were laughing so hard.

16.) Chase’s Lover

This guy is one of my closest guy friends and also one of the weirdest. I say that he’s weird because recently, he’s been ‘sniffing’ things, like my phone, my shoulder, my hand (?), and other things/people. But he’s also really nice and kind. He’s one of those people you could always count on and spend a whole day talking about random things because he is very trustworthy and a great listener. I love it when he’s doing homework and I’m sitting next to him, watching my shows. He always get distracted and never ends up finishing his homework because he is always so focused on the shows.

17.) My Besite

I don’t even think I could write about this girl without taking up 400 words of this article. She is one of the sweetest and kindest people I know and she is always there for me. The reason why I decided that I should call her “My Besite” in this article is because on May 4th (our friendship day), we made videos for each other and at the end of the one she made for me, she accidentally spelled bestie wrong. That soon became our inside joke since we were laughing too much about that, but anyways.. this girl is always there for me and always knows when I’m sad. She is also another one of my friends that always makes me laugh and always succeeds to make me feel better when I am feeling down. I could never replace this girl with anyone else and I am so thankful that we became friends.