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Santa Monica Pier Review

Review of the Santa Monica Pier

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Whenever someone from out of state visits, we always end up in some new touristy place, so over the weekend I visited the Santa Monica Pier, and then I decided to do a review of the overall place for an article.

The food was one of the best parts because almost everywhere you walk on the pier you find someone selling churros. There were other foods too in case you are somehow not interested in churros. These included funnel cakes, ice cream, and a bunch of different other places you can get food at too.

Of course, if you have food, you also have pigeons trying to take it. Food with lots of crumbs or pieces that can break off like churros and cookies will attract lots of these birds, who will swarm around your feet, waiting for you to drop more food. Another funny thing they do is at random times every single pigeon in the pier will take off and start flying somewhere else. Maybe they can sense dropped food.

We also found an “arcade”, but it turned out to be some kind of cheap arcade with a ticket system and scams similar to those in other scam-arcades like Chuck E Cheese. There was a gumball machine that had a fifty percent chance not to get a gumball. This fifty percent is not an accident or a fault in the machine, its built that way and tells you that. This was not the only outrageous scam they had also. You could play a three-dimensional Angry Birds game for one dollar a try when the original is a hundred percent free! If you really didn’t want to spend your money on mobile games or a gumball machine that purposely does not This is infuriating and I don’t think I will come back here.

The Santa Monica Aquarium is a smaller scale aquarium that is focused on donations to keeping the beaches clean so all the animals don’t die. One exhibit is a jar of cigarette butts collected in three hours by fifty people on the Santa Monica Pier and beach. The actual number of these is around nine thousand. They also have tanks with sea creatures like starfish, horn sharks, eels, and mole crabs.

The Third Street Promenade is a good place to find something to do if you are bored or ran out of things to do at the pier. This place has almost everything, from restaurants to a Tesla store to check out the new electric car models. They had a TMobile store, which my brother spent ten minutes in playing games on one of their iPads on showcase. You can also find ping pong tables somewhere there too. In case you don’t want to walk to the stores or restaurants, the promenade had these electric scooters you can rent and ride around in, in case you don’t want to use your legs.

At both the pier and promenade I saw religious people handing out pamphlets for their religion. At the pier, this guy was advertising Metro Calvary Chapel and handing out small booklets titled “Smile, Jesus Loves You.” At the promenade, a group of people was passing out pamphlets that claimed Jesus was a prophet of God and on the back had a message telling you to go to

The overall place was interesting (not the scam arcade) and worth a visit every three or five years, just to see how it has changed. If you are not interested in the pier, try the Third Street Promenade. It has a variety of stores, including some I haven’t mentioned yet, like a candy shop and an Apple store. It also doesn’t have pigeons. I give the overall place a nine out of ten, most of it was fun apart from the pigeons stealing food and some dirty arcade scams.

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Santa Monica Pier Review