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Why I Hate Joji

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Ever since Joji released his debut EP In Tongues back in 2017 I’ve loathed him. He’s very popular with kids my age for his sad lo-fi sound. I associate him with those sad Instagram edits with nostalgic cartoon characters. I feel Joji represents a certain, yet very large group of kids who constantly talk about how sad they are and don’t want to feel better. They romanticize sadness, which really isn’t cool. I get that there’s certain music for certain moods, but when you constantly only listen to sad music, it’s no wonder you’re going to be a self-loathing, stuck up, sad person. His music is pretty awful as well, it’s very mumble-y and boring.

Specifically, I think it’s Joji’s lyrics that really make me mad. He writes about heartbreak, drug abuse, and being bitter. I’ve never heard a Joji song that’s positive, or even puts out a good message. I feel he wants his audience to bask in their sadness. However, this isn’t just Joji. There’s so many artists like this nowadays and I find it ridiculous. Being sad isn’t cool, and the fact that it’s being glorified, is sad.

In an industry over-saturated with hip-hop, kids really don’t have any good influences. This is quite bold of me to say, but drug culture and sad culture a both just as bad as each other. Kids doing drugs is just as awful as them self-harming. They almost don’t want kids to feel good about themselves, or at least make the right decisions.

I know so many kids who worship him, and they’re the same kids who self-harm, have been in and out of mental hospitals, and have experimented with drugs, and it’s not okay. These kids should be influenced to feel good and want to be happy. I understand clinical depression, and having disorders that make you depressed, but those people usually get help and want to be happy. It reminds me of emo kids who were an epidemic a little over a decade ago. However, being emo wasn’t nearly as popular, and it definitely wasn’t as cool. Being sad is cool to them, and Joji is the face of that. They don’t have an exact name, but they’re commonly referred to as “sad boys” and they’re glorified.

I don’t want to hang out with someone who’s constantly sad and doesn’t want to feel better. It’s quite pathetic how they don’t want to help themselves. I feel that Joji doesn’t understand what he’s the face of, and I shouldn’t blame him for it. Back a few years ago, Joji was well known for his Youtube skits, which were vulgar and offensive. I actually kind of enjoyed his videos, they were funny in a shocking kind of way. His fans then were an entirely different group of people than they are now. After he made the decision to stop making videos and focus on music, a lot of people stopped supporting him.

I guess, in conclusion, I don’t hate Joji, I hate what he represents, and the way he’s influencing young teens.

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Why I Hate Joji