Pros and Cons of Homework?

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Have you ever went to a class and the teacher has assigned homework and you think its unnecessary. It may have seemed unnecessary but it was very important. Here’s why.

Homework was created in 1095 by Roberto Nevilis because his students were performing bad. He thought to give them extra practice at school but it would waste learning time. So he decided to give the extra practice for the kids to do at home. This confused his students but made their grades improve. He continued this and the word spread to other teachers. So they started it and their students grades improved as well. Over time more and more teachers used this and it helped students remember material that they would have tests on.

Now that you know the history why is it important. Homework is important due to the amount of information students need to learn that are easily forgotten. If you have to learn times-tables and you do them once in class, you can’t learn them properly. You need the extra practice but not during instructional time. I feel homework is a great idea but it is not executed properly anymore. Teachers give too much homework! I feel teachers are making us write huge essays every night. I don’t think this helps the students. All it does is cram information into your brain which is very stressful. I hate having hours worth of homework when I have a test the next day. It is so annoying to never get a break.

Now I do understand why teachers give a lot of homework it is so they can practice all the material. But it doesn’t help when I have three different worksheets for science and they are all completely different subjects. I like the idea but it just makes you hate homework when it is used as punishment at some points.

Homework is fine, its annoying but its fine. However homework on the weekend is the worst thing to ever exist. It makes you do homework on the 2 days you have free. I feel this is literally worse than jail it is so disgusting. It is so insanely bad that I want to scream. The weekends are for relaxing and having family time. Not being stuck in a room doing homework.

Homework also messes up time to be with your family during the week. My mom was once wanting to go out to dinner but we couldn’t because I had too much homework. She feels that homework should be scheduled more so she knows what days are not as bad. I think this is a great idea so I can maybe have easier days on Thursday or a hard day on Monday.

Math is where this gets out of hand. In previous math classes I was tasked to do 4 pages a night plus the other homework from other classes. This stressed me out to where I couldn’t go to bed until midnight. What if this happened with a test to study for as well. I will not answer that but instead you will. This is the Pros and Cons of homework.