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My Halloween Experience This Year

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Halloween this year was really great for me! The last time where I had real fun on Halloween was back in my early years of Kindergarten when we always had a costume parade, and whenever I went trick-or-treating, I’d always get loads more candy than I do now. And in this article, I’ll explain my whole day on Halloween.

I mean I’m not going to be like, “At the first hour of Halloween, 12 am, I was sleeping. The second hour of Halloween, 1 am, I was sleeping,” and so on. But, there was my normal morning routine, except I got to put on my costume. Honestly, when I first got it, I was kind of disappointed. We got the smallest size that was actually affordable, but it was still a tad bit big on me. By the way, I was Haku from the movie Spirited Away this year (definitely recommend you watch it and just watch it on an illegal website or something ;))

Anyway, there was that problem of it not being the right size, but also putting it on was quite different when putting on other Halloween costumes. I thought it would be a full costume itself, meaning you just put everything on at the same time. It was actually a blue kimono, with blue shorts, a purple string (ribbon? I’m not sure.) and the exact words my mom said, “a cut-up chef’s coat.” The only normal thing about this costume was the blue shorts. The blue kimono was something that I was feeling the most uncomfortable with because like with how kimonos work, you got to put the whole thing on, tie it, and it’s like a dress. Although instead of tieing it, I had to tuck it in my shorts and made sure that it covered my body properly. But, I got used to it as the day went on. After dressing up, it was time to have breakfast, but before that, every year on Halloween, my mom always wants to take a picture of me in my costume. I don’t mind, but I’m always disgusted by it, although it’s always different amounts of disgust, it’s always there. After that, I had breakfast, got ready for school, and went to school.

Once I got there, I already knew that people wouldn’t know who I was, so there was a lot of explaining that day. Even though I explained who I was, a lot didn’t know the movie, but I expected that. I also complained to my friends that I looked like a sumo wrestler because of the big size. Since it was a minimum day, I could have an easy day. The last 2 years were all normal days. As the day went on, school let out. The thought crossed my mind that there were not a lot of Fortnite cosplayers this year. Although one of my friends were the Default skin (I think I’m using correct Fortnite vocabulary…) and I did not approve.

I went home with my other friend (let’s called him Glasses friend because I’m going to mention different types of friends), not quite sure what his costume was, to pet his cat the whole time until I needed to go to my Wooden Katana friend’s house to start trick-or-treating.

His cat was too cute. Even though when I first met his cat, it hissed at me, and Glasses friend had the face of “this has never happened before.” It warmed up to me later when I started playing with it. It was so attached to the string that it basically forced itself to befriend me. After playing with the cat for an hour, Glasses friend and I decided to kill the rest of the time at his house by watching some Gravity Falls. At around 3:45, we left to go to Wooden Katana friend’s house.

Once we got there, I was kind of nervous. I wasn’t sure if Wooden Katana friend told his parents that I was coming. We entered in, and Wooden Katana friend and his dad were there, and his dad was really friendly! Once I introduced myself, Glasses friend, Wooden Katana friend, and I went upstairs. Waiting there was Moaning friend, who says the most random things and does the most random things. As I explored the room, I found many weapon replicas in his closest, and it excited me. He had a wooden katana (I bet you can’t guess where I got his name from), bow staff, a wooden staff, and these dual weapons that look like mini scythes. We chilled for about 45-1 hour, and then Fortnite friend showed up (I bet you can guess who that is.) The first thing Fortnite friend did was go to the TV to play Fortnite, even though he played Fortnite before he got here. While Fortnite friend was playing Fortnite, and Wooden Katana, Glasses, and Moaning friend were watching, I was playing with Wooden Katana friend’s dog. THE friendliest dog I have ever met. But, another friend from my school (Rick friend) decided to come over to visit for a bit, because he lives in the same neighborhood, with Hotdog, Communist, Ultimate Crossover Costume, and Onesie friend. Here’s a picture of two of them.

Left: Ultimate Crossover Costume friend // Right: Communist friend

While we were outside, Hotdog, Communist, Ultimate Crossover Costume friend, and I all had a sword of some sort, and we all unsheath ours at the same time.

I’m the one in the back 🙂 Also peep Rick friend on the right with the blue hair.

After a bit more hanging out, Rick friend’s group left to start trick-or-treating. We were thinking of going with them, but Wooden Katana friend’s dad said we had to eat dinner first. We went back inside and waited for dinner. It took like an hour for dinner to be ready, but it was pretty good; it was pasta! As we were eating, I took a sip out of my cup of water, and while doing that, Glasses friend something that made me laugh so hard, that water was spilling out of my mouth and nose, with bits of pasta the didn’t reach my digestive system yet, that came out along with it. I was coughing for 5 minutes straight, and for 10-15 seconds, I couldn’t breathe. After that dilemma, Glasses friend had to throw up, although I don’t know why. What came out of my mouth wasn’t extremely disgusting, so I don’t think that was the cause. After dinner, we went to get ready for trick-or-treating. We were already ready besides Wooden Katana friend because he had those types of costumes where you have to pump it with the air, so that took a bit. He was a character from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Once we were all ready to trick-or-treat, Rick friend’s group was already done with trick-or-treating. It was a bummer, but it doesn’t end there. Wooden Katana friend’s costume’s fan wasn’t working, so he had to change into something else. The only thing he really had was a blue squid hat, so he went with that. Then we started trick-or-treating. We did that for about an hour and a half. And a lot of things happened. Moaning friend was Micheal Myers for Halloween, and he kept scaring a lot of people. He even scared a group of girls that go to our school, and they had such high pitch screams, it hurt my ears. Another thing was that Fortnite friend kept getting loads of candy when we went to the houses with the sign “Please take one.” And finally Fortnite friend got called out by a group of girls because he was cursing, and then I yelled, “Yeah Fortnite friend,” and the girls repeated what I said. After some more trick-or-treating, we went back to the house and waited for our parents, and started eating our candy. Once Moaning friend’s dad came, he hung at the house for half an hour, and then we left (Moaning friend’s dad was going to drop me off at my home.) Once I got home, I got ready for bed and went to sleep.

That was my whole day on Halloween. One of the best Halloweens of my life.

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My Halloween Experience This Year