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The German invasion of Cameron Junod

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The German invasion of Cameron Junod was a decisive battle that happened during World War 2. It took place in the invasion of Brazil in 1952. The Germans were at stake with the Americans. The Germans managed to successfully push  the Soviets onto the Ural mountains. However, the Americans put Operation Opportunity to a go. Operation Opportunity point  was to cover of what’s left of the British in South Africa. Resupply them with tanks, food, weapons, & planes from time to time, it also lead to more than 500,000 men to go to South Africa all at once. Operation Opportunity was a massive success of resupplying the British & pushed the Germans into the Middle of Africa. The Germans wanted to cut off all supplies from the British in South America, the only way to establish the idea was to do a massive naval blockade in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

They started a massive campaign to gain naval supremacy over the U.S, they managed to push back the U.S navy until they reach Brazilian coasts. The first offense was when the Americans started to retreat into Brazil, the locals over there accepted the U.S soldiers. However, the Germans demanded that the U.S soldiers will be handed over to them & else war will be declared on them. The government didn’t replied as fast as the locals did , who said no. In return, the Germans did a quick but effective bombing of Natal. The purpose of the bombing was to strike fear into the Brazilian government & hope they didn’t declare war.

However, luck was not on their side. Brazil declared war on Germany due to the bombing on Natal. The Germans managed to gain Naval supremacy in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. However, the Germans had a plan just in case if Brazil decided that they will stand up against them, it was called Operation Clementine. The plan was was to invade the Northern coast & then head down to the south coast. So that all valuable resources will belong to them. With  the Brazilian  government & army not able to head to the west, which there is nothing but rain forests. Brazil had no choice but to surrender. When Operation Clementine was put into action, the plan was successful in the beginning. But the Brazilians fled to the west, which was unexpected. Not to mention, that most of the ports & cities were scorched. So the Germans had no choice but to go west. The Germans advantage over the Brazilians was now useless. The Brazilians had a leverage with the environment, as they planned this with any invasion of their country. None the less, the Germans were pushing through despite heavy casualties.

In fact, the Germans managed to surround a army in a town called Cameron Junod. It seemed like this would be a  easy victory for the Germans. But the Brazilians didn’t give up at there, the town was not as developed as other cities in the coast. Which meant that the town had tunnels & trees sprouting out of buildings. With this, the Brazilians knew the area & will exploit this to ambush the Germans. This started the turn to guerrilla warfare, which gave Brazil another advantage. The Germans were confused & underestimated the difficulty of the battle. The Brazilians decided that sending more reinforcements against the weaken Germans that were decreasing would be a good idea. The Brazilians pushed the Germans out of the town of Cameron Junod. With not a lot of men on the Brazilian front, the Germans decided to flee from the front & hold their blockade of the Atlantic Ocean.


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The German invasion of Cameron Junod