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What I think about the Lakers this Season

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The Lakers were the best team since the NBA started. The have 16 championships, second most to their rivals the Boston Celtics who have 17. After winning the NBA finals in 2010 the Lakers haven’t done anything successful, unless it was the NBA draft which they picked 2 back to back years. This last free agency the Lakers signed the best player in the NBA LeBron James. Everyone thought he was going to the Houston Rockets or the 76ers. After LeBron James joined the Lakers they signed Rajon Rondo, Javale McGee, Michael Beasley, and Lance Stephenson. Everyone thought the Lakers were going to be the best team in the NBA but then Paul George signed back to the Thunder and Kawhi Leonard was traded to the  Raptors and no one else wanted to play with him.

So then the Lakers didn’t think that Lebron would need any help. Lebron wanted to work with the guy the Lakers just signed and the young guys. During the summer league Lebron was watching the 1st and 2nd year guys play and he liked what he saw from them, until Lakers summer league MVP Josh Hart couldn’t help his team win the the finals because he got ejected. So they came in 2nd place in the summer league but that is pretty good but they won last year so that’s not really good. They chose some rookies to play in the preseason such as Isaac Bonga, Moritz Wagner. Jonathan Williams, and  Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk. Each team had 18-20 players. Every Lakers fan was excited to see Lebron James play his first game as a Laker. The Lakers played the Denver Nuggets to start of the preseason, and they lost. The next games they played the Nuggets again but this time it was Lebron’s first time playing at Staple Center. They lost again. The Lakers play the Sacramento Kings this game and they won and they needed that win. Javale McHee played really good These last 3 games.

In these last 2 games the Lakers are playing the 2 times champions the Golden State Warriors. They beat them both times. The Lakers have to get rid of some players because they are only allowed to have 15 players max. So the Lakers waived Thomas Bryant, Travis Wear, and Luol Deng. Luol Deng signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves, and he is now playing for his old coach Tom Thibodeau. Now Travis wear and Thomas Bryant haven’t been signed. Everyone thought that the Lakers were going to be one of the best teams in the NBA, but there not that good right now. They do have a positive record which is 9-7, but it should be 12-4. Lebron likes playing with his new teammates but mosley the young guys and Javale McGee. To be completely honest without Lebron there is no chance they would have a positive record. One thing that hurts the Lakers right now is what Paul george did to them. He said that he wants to play for us he, we even got find for tampering. Then Paul George signed back with the Thunder. If the Lakers Had Paul George and Kawhi Leonard we would be the best team in the NBA.

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What I think about the Lakers this Season