Why Everyone Should Feel Bad For Me

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Ok, I know the title seems ridiculously over-dramatic, and it is. However, I have multiple reasons why you should feel bad for me. As of recent, I’ve been really sad about my life. I can say with 110% confidence that it’s because I’m bored. Everyday I do the same thing over and over again and honestly, it’s making me really depressed. For my entire life, I’ve lived with a huge narcissist, and it’s made me very narcissistic. Honestly, it’s because I’m great. I’m amazing, and I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise. I think more people should have that mentality to be honest. It’s helped me love myself and live in the moment.

Sometimes, my confidence isn’t so high. Sometimes I really, genuinely hate myself. Those are the days when I have the least fun. I usually end up locking myself in my room and listening to the Little River Band for a few hours until I feel better about myself. I love the Little River Band more than I love my phone, which is impressive for a child in 2018. Other days I’m bubbly and fun to hang out with, which I really enjoy. I think the thing that makes me so self conscious is my father. He loves me, and I know that, but he isn’t very supportive about the things I like. He calls me a “dweeb” or a “hippie” about 10 times a day. He’s a great dad, and I love him, but he’s mean.

I hate school a lot, and it hasn’t always been this way. I’ve actually always loved school, until last year. Hale in itself is a great school, but there are a lot of very toxic, mean kids that attend it. It’s really hard because I know I’m great, but other people don’t get to know me well enough to truly understand how amazing I really am. The people who do are me and my best friend, who I admire just as much as I admire myself. I have very few friends. Sometimes I think it’s because I’m mean, ugly, and annoying, but that’s not true. People just don’t understand how wonderful I am. I honestly think it intimidates them. Whatever, this won’t matter to me in 5 or 10 years, heck I probably won’t even remember it.

I’m incredibly forgetful. I end up telling people the same thing 3 times a day, and they get very annoyed. I feel like if I was one of the dwarfs from Snow White I’d be “forget-y.” I honestly think there’s something wrong with me, I have the memory of a 75 year old man. Moving on, I’m really smart, like ridiculously smart, however I don’t act that way. I do very dumb stuff that I don’t think through a lot, and it gets me in trouble. I’m too careless, and sometimes it’s a good thing. I’m able to put myself out there and have fun but sometimes I go too far. Sometimes, I forget that other people have feelings and I do stuff that hurts them accidentally. I feel really bad about it but what’s done can’t be undone. Anyways, that’s why everyone should feel bad for me.