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My experience at girl scout camp

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About three months ago, I went to a girl scout camp named Osito Rancho. I’m not a girl scout, but I still went to camp. We slept in the woods for a whole week and we slept in tents.

This made me worry because small critters could get in. Can you imagine you imagine sleeping in a tent for a week in the forest and with no doors on the tent? Bears could come in. That would probably never happen, but you never know. The next day we went to the horse stables! I was in the horse group. My horse’s name was Ricky. My Dad’s name is Rick, but my family likes to call him Ricky. My trainer told me that if you are nervous on the horse, the horse will be nervous too.

This was not my first time on a horse, but I was little nervous because I had not been on a horse in a long time. The only other time I’ve been away for a week is when went to my aunt’s house and I called my parents every morning and night. The thing about this camp was that we were not allowed to have phones there, which made me very nervous. Every day, the camp staff in the kitchen would make food for everyone, but they never gave us enough food for breakfast and for dinner. I am very active and play sports and I am always hungry and I starved at this camp.

Every night, the supervisors and camp counselors would come into our tents and sing us songs for a little bit. There were eight tents including our counselors. On our last morning of camp the counselors woke us up with singing a really annoying song. At the horses we went on the longest ride ever, it was like 45 minuets. Each day we rode the horses twice; once in the morning and in the afternoon.

There were two groups and I was in the first group, which is good because I got to go first! After we are all done on our last day, we received horse riding certificates with a brownie and lemonade! I think I still have my certificate somewhere. (I need to find it) This wasn’t all that I did while at camp. I canoed, rock climbed, and completed a Harry Potter scavenger hunt. My friends and I had a blast. By the way the camp was in Big Bear! On the bus ride back, I was thinking about how happy i would be to see my parents, but I was also kind of sad because I was leaving camp and the horses. The bus ride back was about 4 hours long (with traffic). My dad and mom were so excited to see me when I got home. I am not sure I’ll go back next year. That same night we went to the Hollywood Bowl to see the musical Annie. I was exhausted and fell asleep during the show so we left early. Overall I had a fun time at camp!

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My experience at girl scout camp