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How kids act before fortnite was created and after fortnite was made

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Fortnite is a game which everyone plays all  over the world. In the  game you can buy things for as much money as you want. Kids would get mad if they would lose or get disturbed during kids are playing a game of Fortnite. Parents would call them to eat and then kids are like 5 minutes  but then it turns into couple of hours. Parents would beg to buy things on Fortnite to there mom. Kids would get mad and cry if they didn’t have Fortnite. For example my brother wakes up at 6 in the morning to  play Fortnite  and sleeps late to play Fortnite. My brother can play for over 6 hours playing Fortnite. My parents would my brother less time to play Fortnite and when my brother heard he couldn’t have Fortnite for one day he cried or get mad if he didn’t have his Ps4. My brother played to much he forgot to eat so he had a headache at night so we had to give my brother medicine.

Everyday instead of playing sports having friends come over people play Fortnite. Now kids don’t want to go to sports they think that they can stay and play Fortnite. Some kids don’t do there homework they play Fortnite instead. Even when friends come over all we do is play Fortnite we don’t play any other games and when you play Fortnite time flies then it feels like our friends left early. So kids never  did anything outside all they did  was play Fortnite  all day at home.

Before Fortnite was created kids where more social and played more outside played sports and where less with technology. Kids use to see each other more often and The other games before Fortnite  was kids  vs  kids not kids vs device.  Before Fortnite kids would spend there money wisely but today kids would spend there money on Fortnite. On Fortnite  kids  bought  things that  you cant touch you can only see. One day Fortnite will be gone and all the  money you spend is  basically in  the trash but if you  didn’t and saved up your money you would have some good things to buy. One of my friends his eyes burned because he was all the time playing Fortnite and wasn’t able to finish his homework  so the next day he went too  school without homework and he didn’t know any information. So Fortnite is causing a lot of problems in school and out of school  for example not  doing homework for school and makes you bad eye site an dehydrated.

About myself I spent around 400 dollars so now when I want to by something I don’t have the kind of money for instance to day I went to the mall and I wasn’t able to by me new shoes. So now writing about fortnite  I understand how  bad Fortnite is. Before Fortnite kids would pay attention, go eat, do there  homework, and do what is needed from parents. This how bad Fortnite is.

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How kids act before fortnite was created and after fortnite was made