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Fictional stories. We all have read them. Whether it was when our parents were reading  us bedtime stories or when we are all grown up and read about fairies and such. In my opinion, I really like fictional stories. They let me believe that something exists, when it probably doesn’t. For example, in Peter Pan, there actually isn’t a boy that can fly and will appear in your bedroom window, wanting to take you to a place called Neverland. Since I have had my fair share of fiction knowledge, I sometimes like to think about possibilities behind the stories.

I sometimes think that the fictional stories aren’t actual fiction and they are just people telling real stories about what they saw and experienced. But since nobody saw what happened, they don’t believe the people and put their real stories into the fictional section. What if you just happened to be walking through the woods, or something, and you heard a mysterious voice addressing you. Later, you would find out that the voice was actually from a fairy or something. Then, you would write all of your experiences down, hoping to show somebody and for them to do closer observations at the world to figure out what happened. But when you go show your story to somebody, they don’t believe you when you tell them that it’s true. Wouldn’t you feel horrible? Spending actual time writing down your thoughts on the event that had happened and later, for somebody to not believe what happened. I’m not saying that every fictional story is true. But, there are some stories that aren’t too crazy and they could be true.

Right now, I am reading, “The Book Thief,” by Markus Zusak and I have no idea if it is true or not. I’d rather not find out because then, if it was fiction, it would lose its meaning to me. “The Book Thief,” is pretty heavy. It’s about the Germans and Hitler and a lot of really heavy stuff. But, to me, if it wasn’t true, I wouldn’t want to read it anymore. Obviously, I know the basic topic of the things that happened are true. And also I know that it’s not fully fiction because the point of view of the whole book is from Death’s. Anyways, I really do believe that maybe, just maybe, there is a truth to every fictional story.

Believe me, I like normal stories too. Like, documentary stories. It’s just that  for me, there is no wonder to documentary stories. For example, if it’s a fictional story, you probably have no idea what happens next or the sequel, if the author didn’t write one yet. Compared to documentary stories, you can just google what happened or read newspapers about it. You can probably find everything about the book, what it is based on, what happened next, in real life. Also, I would kind of not trust people to write a book about me. Like, what if they have something wrong. Or, if they wrote me like a mean person. Or, if they have something wrong about my family or something. I don’t really know because nobody has ever written anything about me. But, I probably would only let my family or really close friend write a soon to be published book about me or my background. Anyhow, I really like reading and I’m not saying that every book has to be true or not documentary type. I think that you should find the type of book you like reading the most, and go with it.

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