The enormous impact on LAUSD’s use of technology.

Lausd and its use of technology have expanded incredibly over the past couple of years. I have seen a big difference in school now that the use of technology in classrooms has changed. Some of the things I noticed is that resources are much more, it’s also easier for parents to be involved in their child’s education. Emailing teachers and the use of programs like Schoology and Jupiter, without parents needing to leave work and go talk to teachers in school.

Even if this is a strange way to look at it, the use of technology is better for the environment. The use of paper is reduced, (fliers home, written essays, etc.) and for a whole district to use less paper is a lot of paper saved. About three years ago is when I started noticing the change and getting online assignments and homework. Before that, so much paper was being used. Each student (which was up to forty students a class) got a packet of 10 papers a week for homework. Now, I mostly have online homework which obviously saves a lot of paper.

The use of technology in schools is also more efficient. Kids can’t “forget” their homework and now most kids have cell phones and can easily access their homework. They can check their grades, see what they need to improve in and the grades they received. Another plus of technology is that programs like Schoology can grade tests for teachers. The teachers enter a test into schoology, have the kids take it and it automatically

Not that long ago Ed Peisner president of the Jordan Strong Foundation talked to my school, Hale Charter Academy. He is the dad of Jordan Peisner, a high schooler who was sucker punched and had videos of him took during the attack. Ed Peisner now talks about digital safety to schools around. He talks about how when his son was attacked only one person called the police and many others filmed him. He talks about how that’s not right and he talks about all the laws put in place for things put online. I think it’s good that kids know that people can get in trouble for what they say or do on the internet.

The use of technology also is neater and makes skills. Teaching children how to use tools online is really good. For the future when students start having essays and online tests they know things like how to properly format something. It’s useful to know and I think personally that it’s something you need for the future. Also, typing skills are increased which is also a plus.

At Hale, each teacher got a chrome book cart in their classrooms to have enough chrome books for each student in the classroom. They also got a handful of smart boards that about half of the teachers got, but a lot did not want this item. I think it’s great that the school is trying to improve their teachers, teaching.

Overall, the fact that the use in technology has increased in the best way. I think it’s great and has definitely improved the school.