Alright, so I love pizza like I love it it’s just delicious who doesn’t love it. I personally think its good for any occasion unless you’re really just not in the mood for it but I’m usually fine with having pizza anytime. I especially like having it with my family while we watch a movie and just relax and have a fun time together. Even though pizza is really good I’m not just going to be talking about the taste I am going to be talking about everything and by everything I mean, my favorite place to eat pizza, my favorite kinds of pizza and so on and so forth.

So first let’s talk about the best places to get pizza my all time favorite would have to be Pieology. Why Pieology you ask because is actually amazing you basically get to make your own pizza, I know right wow shocker make your own pizza, yeah I know you can do it at different places as well but my personal favorite has to be Pieology. When I go to Pieology I usually order a thin crust pizza with barbecue sauce, cheese, chicken and whatever other toppings I feel like having. Even though you can just order this pizza normally and there is really no use of getting it made at Pieology. I personally think that they make it the best at Pieology.

Another one of my favorite pizza places is MOD it is sooo good it is again another one of those places where you can customize your pizza. I don’t really remember what I got when I went because I went a pretty long time ago, but from what I remember it was delicious.

Now let’s talk about more casual places that I like ordering pizza from my number one has to be dominos.  Dominos is honestly just so fast and easy and not to mention its very tasty as well. so there are three pizzas that I can order from dominos number one is the barbecue chicken pizza the barbecue chicken pizza is basically just barbecue sauce which substitutes for the pizza sauce and the toppings are cheese and chicken. The second pizza that I will usually order is just a regular pizza with mushrooms and another topping. Usually my parent like this one but I still think that its good. my third pizza is just a normal cheese pizza but the toppings are extra cheese and tomatoes.

Yes, tomatoes  I know.  Let me just say that I know plenty of people who hate tomatoes but one fun fact about me is that I love them and I love this pizza its so good and if your a tomato lover like me then please come to Dominos and try this pizza it will make you very very happy. So I really hoped that you enjoyed reading my article about pizza. Sorry if it was not that entertaining but at least you will have some more pizza suggestions in mind.