How Hale Uses Technology To Learn

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Hale has technology for kids that help them have better education. Hale uses computers and projectors to help too. Videos and images help kids learn better. According to,kids learn faster with technology. They said:

”Technology can give teachers and students great resources, new opportunities for learning, ways to collaborate and create, and save money. Technology is a very powerful tool for education. Share your ideas on how technology can help improve teaching and learning.”

And that’s exactly what Hale has. I interviewed some students to tell me there opinion of how the technology Hale uses helps with there education.

  • Isabelle Sedeghi said that ”she likes it better on the computers that hale uses because it’s faster and easier to do assignments. And, also, when you have a test it turns in your grade right away instead of waiting for the teacher to put in your grade and doing all that work.”
  • Isabella Van Vliet said that ”it’s easier to do research and go on websites”
  • Alyna Forwergne said that ”it’s easier to do research and it’s faster because it’t all there on the computer.”
  • Romi Amram said that ”technology that we use at school helps us learn better because if you need to research for class, your classmates or the teacher won’t know all of the information you need for your research. Some websites are more reliable then others”
  • Lynn Oren said that ”the technology is better for the school because it’s easier for teachers to grade faster and move on learning new things”
  • Edden Givati said that ”technology helps teachers by the students taking their test online so they don’t have to spend their time grading test.”
  • Dekel Golan said that ”technology helps us learn in school because if we don’t know what our homework is then Schoology shows us what our teachers say the homework is. Also, in my class, we always do homework online.”

I also support having technology that hale provides us because it’s helpful in researching and easier to do essays, tests and other things like articles on the computer that you do for journalism. It helps a lot with grading and homework too. It is also helpful to do essays because first the computers help you learn how to type faster. And, the computers in the school that we students and teachers use help us learn new things and new words. For example if you spell a word and it’s wrong it can correct it. Also, in my opinion, about 94% of the school has the app Schoology on their phones. And if they don’t, they can see Schoology on their computers. Schoology is an app that you can do assignments and tests, and also see your grade, instead of waiting for a very long time to wait for your report card. And also the projectors help you see what the teachers want you to do, and it’s also better and it’s way easier. So, in conclusion, you can see that the technology that you use is very helpful for you to learn.