Should schools ban junk food?

I saw some articles about banning junk food from schools. In my opinion, that is a horrible idea. Schools should never have to ban junk food.

Banning junk food would take away students’ freedom. According to, “To ban junk food would be a complete failure. It would also leave people feeling that their freedom of choice was taken.” Every student should have the freedom to choose what they want to eat. If schools banned junk food, that choice would be taken away.

Students will still eat junk food at home. According to, “In some cases, students may even sneak out of school to buy junk food. Additionally, junk food is still likely to be freely available at home. Therefore, it’s possible that kids would simply binge on junk foods when they aren’t in school. This could cause their overall consumption of junk food to remain unchanged.” Schools have no control over what students do at home, so if schools did end up banning junk food, students would just wait until they get home to eat it.

Students will sneak in food from home. According to, “If children sneak in junk food from home, banning junk foods in school wouldn’t help children to learn healthier ways of eating for life. Instead, the time and effort that went with sneaking in junk food could reinforce the habit of eating it even more.” If students have to put the effort into hiding their food, they’ll be more likely to pack more of it than if they didn’t. Also, schools shouldn’t be teaching students to be sneaky.

It is almost impossible to actually ban junk food. According to, “By banning junk food you’re just making kids more sneaky, because nobody’s going to give up junk food. I mean what are they going to do, check everyone’s lunch everyday to make sure it’s all healthy food? That would consume so much time,” Even if schools attempt to make rules against junk food, it’ll impossible to enforce them. Students could hide their food in their backpacks, and even if schools checked everyone’s backpacks it’d take a long time.

Some schools sell junk food at fundraisers. According to,  “While getting rid of junk food might sound like a great idea off the bat, consider some of the repercussions at school. “‘A ban on junk food in schools does not have to prohibit parents from sending junk food with their kids for lunch if they choose,’ family therapist Patt Hollinger Pickett reminds pro-banners. If your school banned sugary or fat-laden snacks, would there also be a ban on bake sales and sweets-based fundraisers? If you support a ban, try to come up with alternatives for moneymakers at school as well.” If schools do ban all sweets and junk food, they’d have to stop selling them at fundraisers. Schools that rely on bake sales for fundraisers wouldn’t be able to earn as much money.

Not all healthy foods are good for you. According to, “Simply telling parents to cram lunchboxes with yoghurt, fruit and sandwiches doesn’t really tackle healthy eating either. Pick the wrong yoghurt and it’s packed with sugar. Eating too much fruit is also a sugar trap. A sandwich with processed meat and processed cheese doesn’t have much nutritional value. Parents might think they’re doing the right thing, when they’re not.” Some ‘healthy’ foods actually are just as bad as junk food. So if schools do ban junk food, there would be no differences than if they didn’t.

Schools should not ban junk food.