A Review of the “First” Five Months of the Year

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Unless you are under  a year old (and if you are how are you reading this article) you have likely experienced going through a year. I am almost through my fourteenth year of life, and have at least some experience when it comes to the months of the year and their general experiences. However, I am not ordering these from January to December, in order of the chronological year. I am starting in August, which to me, feels a lot more like the beginning of the year due to it being the start of the school year. It just makes more sense to me.

August: August is the beginning of the school year (aka a dreaded time). After two months of basically doing nothing but watching your sad pubescent teen life go by, it’s shocking to return to reality in such an abrupt but expected fashion. The first day is a mess of fear, excitement, joy, and sadness. The month is relatively sad overall and drags by slowly. Overall August rating: Two out of five.

September: September is a pretty good month, an amazing time actually. There are so many days off, and of course, the iconic, Labor Day weekend. Four amazing days free of school, or three amazing  days free of work for adults. There are twenty five total holidays in September ranging from Labor Day to Batman day. Not all of these are days off, but there are still a lot in September. September gets a five out of five.

October: October is the spookiest time of the year. Halloween, the spookiest of the holidays is in October. October has this feeling to it that I love, mainly because of all the spooky memes. Of course, I also want to mention Halloween. The best part is going to school and seeing the classic costumes. The creativity and effort put into these are fascinating to me. Honestly, since I never dress up or go trick or treating (because I’m not five) I still don’t know why people spend all this time dressing up. However, I am inspired and may go as the classic default skin this year. October gets a great five out of  five.

November: November is a pretty good month. The best part is the break, the first week long break of the year. You can be thankful for Thanksgiving giving you the week long break. The day also has the best feast of the year with mashed potatoes, turkey, and other great stuff. There is also Veteran’s Day and National Peanut Butter month. November gets a four out of five.

December: December is the best month I’ll be covering in this article. It is the last month of first semester, and one good month at that. Christmas season is here, a jolly time for all. As a child, Santa Claus comes and dumps all his toys for you to take. Half of December is also winter break for New Years and Christmas. December is a really good month getting five out of five.