Halloween Costume Ideas!


With Halloween coming up, most of us are going to be dressing up for the occasion. I know that some people have trouble thinking of what they should dress up for Halloween, including me. Either some costumes are just too bland, or there are not any good ideas coming to your head of what you should be. That’s why I came up with this list to help people with what they should be for Halloween. If somehow someone is reading this, before Halloween of 2018, with no costume in mind, congratulations for finding this article just in time! Also if this list actually helps you, one more congratulation!


I’m going to get this one out of the way first because it’s what I typically do. If you don’t happen to know what cosplaying is, you dress up as a famous character from a show, book, and etc. Out of my thirteen years of living, I have cosplayed for Halloween for twelve of those years. I can already see this year full of many people cosplaying as Fortnite characters, which my head hurts from thinking about it. Some ideas of getting your costume can include ordering character-made costumes, wearing onesies, doing DIY, and many more. Ordering character-made costumes might be a little late already, but you may be lucky with getting your costume. If you want to quickly think of who to cosplay as, think of your favorite series, then your favorite character, and you’re all set!

A Funny Joke or Pun

Another idea is you can be a funny joke or pun. One example (credit to Alex *insert her last name, but we’ll just say “Washington”*) is that last year, she was a “cereal killer.” She got some small cereal boxes, taped them on her clothes, put red paint around them, and had a plastic knife. Another example is two years ago, my English teacher dressed up as the pun “It’s raining cats and dogs.” So she brought an umbrella and stuck dog and cat plushies on it.  Some examples I found online include social butterfly (wear butterfly wings and have social media stickers on your shirt), insta-gram (dress up as a grandma and wear the Instagram icon), and a sweet tooth (have a tooth shape cutout on your shirt and draw some candy on that tooth).

An Object

To be more specific, you can be a type of food, plant life, an electronic, and etc. There are many ways you can dress up as an object. You can literally be the object for Halloween, wear clothes that relate to it, or even be like a mix of the object and human! An example I can think of is a book, where you can wear a giant book, or wear glasses with a jacket where the inside of it looks like how a book would like when you open it! Although for this section of Halloween ideas, I’d say it’s more toward girls because girls have more clothes than guys that have a design with certain objects, while most boys have unicolors, simplistic clothers, or sports clothes.