Why You Shouldn’t Lie to Your Parents

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As you probably know already lying is bad. And its even worse if its to your parents. Your parents are special people who care for you all the time. This also applies to your guardian. This is my opinion why you shouldn’t lie to your parents.

If you know me I am new to the school. I came from a small private school in Encino. So you would expect me to be nervous. In the beginning of school I was slacking in my classes due to me being an outcast with no friends. This made me very hurt and sad that I wasn’t enjoying school. This caused me to not want to do homework and lie to my mo  that I did it. This hurt the bond between us. The problem with breaking that bond is you are hurt 24/7 same with your parent. If you lie and hurt your parent enough they will not trust you and not like you as much. They will still love you as much because your their child but they will not like your personality.

At the time I was in a piano elective and was very bad at that. Which I understand that is the point of a class. To learn how to do something you don’t know. But there were people playing beautiful pieces compared to me hitting a bunch of different keys. I then found out journalism was open fifth period where I had a math class with a teacher I wasn’t liking very much. So I got a new math class fourth period and moved to journalism. When I arrived I was so happy. I felt I fit in and was meeting people in different classes. I finally felt like I fit in. The problem was just that fitting in. As I found more and more friends I just was like whatever about my school work. This caused me to lie about more things to my poor mom. She then has to punish me. She doesn’t like to punish me because she loves me so much. This hurt the bond between us once again. If I wouldn’t have lied I wouldn’t have learned this very valuable lesson: Your parents mean more to you than you think. I feel that you think your parents are just the people that feed you and say they love you. They are more than that they are the people who brought you into existence and have taken care of you when you needed caring for. They comfort you when something bad happens and explain how life works and help you navigate the world. If you are someone who lies to their parents a lot you should (you don’t have to) go to parent/guardian and tell them you love them. An if you want tell them you have lied and are very sorry for it. They will gain an insane amount of respect for you and will trust you more as well. I feel your parents are more important than you may think and you should never lie to them.

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