Ely and Anthony’s Favorite Soccer Team

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The best soccer player is called Cristiano Ronaldo. We like him because of the smart plays he does and his skills. He plays in a team called Juventus. He moved from Real Madrid to Juventus not a while ago. He doesn’t get that much to play because there are other Left Wings. So he gets subed out around two times a game. The next best player in our opinions is Paulo Dybala. He also plays in Juventus and he is only 21 years old. It’s so amazing that he got in a professional team. He’s a really good striker in our opinion.

Dybala gets more time to play then Ronaldo because there are not much players that play in his position. Now i’m gonna tell you about Paul Pogba, he plays in Manchester United. Pogba plays center mid and he is a really good player and he is from France.  Pogba has hit a lot of knuckle balls. Knuckle balls are when the player kicks the ball and it moves in the air. But if it spins it is a curve. Paul Pogba is really good at giving long balls, he sends the ball and it ends on your feet.

Another favorite player of ours is Sergio Ramos. Sergio Ramos is a center back or a defender. Sergio Ramos is from Spain and he plays in the in international league of Spain. Sergio Ramos is one of the best defenders in Soccer history. He plays on a team called Real Madrid.  Real Madrid is one of the best Spain Soccer Club. Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane are one of the best defenders. Except that Sergio Ramos is from Spain and Raphael Varane is from Spain. Our next favorite player is called Marcelo. We don’t know his first name but we know that he’s from Brazil.

Marcelo plays in a team called Real Madrid. You’re probably asking yourself why we write about so many players that play in Real Madrid. Our favorite soccer team is Real Madrid. We like the because they make smart plays and each player has good position that fits them. Thibaut Courtois is one of our next favorite soccer player. He’s a goal keeper that plays in Real Madrid, he just got transferred from Chelsea. He’s from Belgium. Our next player is called Coutinho, he’s from Brazil. He’s a left wing. He used to play in Liverpool but now he plays in Barcelona.

Coutinho is a left wing. He’s really good, even though he plays in Barcelona I still like him. Next player is called Gareth Bale, he’s a right wing for Real Madrid. He’s one of the fastest soccer players in soccer history. Me and Anthony second favorite soccer team is Juventus. We like Juventus because of there creation of making  insane goals or Juventus goalkeeper saves against other teams. Our favorite two players from there are Ronaldo and Dybala. Ronaldo and Dybala already have great team work when Ronaldo just got transformed  which is  insane.

One of  our favorite player is Gareth Bale he is is a forward he is one of the fastest players in Fifa which is really cool. He’s really fast and he scores a lot of goals. He’s 92 rated in Fifa 18.  One of our other favorite players is Neynar, Neymar is a left wing. He used to play for Barcelona but then he got transferred to PSG. He’s pretty good at dribbling and scoring. He’s scored many free kicks but not as many as Cristiano Ronaldo. One of other favorite soccer players is called Toni Kroos, he’s a center mid for Real Madrid. He’s really good at defending and sending long balls.

Our next favorite soccer player is called Robert Lewandowski. He plays for Bayern Munchën. He’s a striker, in Fifa 18 he’s 91 rated. He’s one of my favorite players. When I play Fifa I always choose Bayern Munchën because they’re really good. Our next favorite soccer player is called Arjen Robben, he’s a left wing for Bayern Munchën. He plays with Robert Lewandowski. They’re play really good together because they’re both really fast. Arjen Robben is from Holland. Our next favorite player is called Alex Vidal, hes from Chile.

Alex Vidal used to play for Bayern Munchën but now he plays for Barcelona. He’s a mid fielder and he has really good aim. I don’t think he plays that much for Barcelona. I don’t think he should’ve gone to Barcelona because he doesn’t play that much. He played more in Bayern than in Barcelona. Our next favorite player is called Coutinho. We don’t know his first name but we do know a couple of other things. We know he’s Brazilian and that he plays for Liverpo. We also know that he’s a striker and that he’s scored a lot of goals.

I’m gonna tell u about one of the best goalkeepers. He’s a German goalkeeper and plays for Bayern Munchën. You might know who I’m talking about. If your thinking about Manuel Neuer than your correct. Our next favorite player is called Mbappe. He’s only 18 years old and he plays in one of the best soccer teams in the world. He plays for PSG. He’s from France. In the world cup France won the World Cup. Mbappe is the youngest soccer player to score in a world cup final. Nobody has ever done that, except older players. Like Mario Gotze or Thomas Mullër.

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