Flex Seal Family of Products: Review

If you watch TV often you probably have seen the Flex Tape commercials. These commercials have the most exaggerated mascot “Phil Swift” who says Flex Tape can do almost everything. I can 100% confirm that Flex Tape and the rest of the products can do so much. Here’s how Flex Tape has effected my life.

A couple months ago I saw a commercial on TV for Flex Tape. I thought it was very funny that this guy was saying Flex Tape could do so many things, such as bond anything, seal anything, and patch anything. I felt this was a great product. However I did not purchase the magical tape until a month ago. When I bought my Flex Tape I got a hole in the rain pipe. So I went and sealed it up. After that it never leaked again! But it probably never leaked because it never rained. Using the glorious Flex Tape I put a piece over a chipped part of the wall. It now looks perfect. Flex Tape is so sticky so it won’t come off. Thank goodness because I don’t want it to fall off my wall. I feel the Flex Tape is a 10/10. This is my opinion of the Tape now lets see the other members of the Flex Seal Family Of Products.

Next, Flex Seal. Flex Seal is liquid rubber in a can and as Phil Swift says “Flex Seal is a handyman in a can!” Flex Seal can be used to patch holes by spraying over them. I used Flex Seal to fix a hole in my roof. Flex Seal cannot do everything unlike the holy tape which can do anything and everything. Flex Seal ranks a solid 9/10

Now, Flex Shot. Flex Shot is a thick, rubberized paste that fills cracks and holes. Flex Shot has fixed cracks in our kitchen walls and was the first Flex Seal product to be bought without me knowing what it was. It smells horrible but is so worth it. This product has healed many cracks fast. I say this product is a 8/10

Finally, Flex Glue. Flex Glue is a super strong rubberized glue that is super strong so you can stick anything together. I do not know too much about the glue due to it being somewhat new. But from knowing how amazing the others are I can assure this product is amazing. I do not have a rating for the Flex Glue.

You may have one huge question about this amazing brand that I can easily answer. Can you eat the Flex Seal Family of Products, to that I say “you can’t, don’t eat them, they are not to be eaten, that would cause a lot of damage.”

Overall, Phil Swift has made an amazing brand of products that are so useful around the house. The Flex Seal Family Of Products is so amazing that I will go as Phil Swift for Halloween. So I too can show the power of Flex Tape, but not by sawing a boat in half.