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❤️The Sickness❤️

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There once was a 5 year old girl named Elle and she lived with her Mom, her Dad, and her baby sister Emily. Elle was a passionate girl that loved to dance and sing. She was part of a dance company called the Shinning Stars Dance Academy, and her baby sister takes the Tiny Twinkle class there. Elle loves her sister so much. Her sister and her would do everything together even though she was older then her sister she still played dolls with her. Emily was a very healthy 3 year old. She always ate healthy things, but one day she got sick… very sick.

Emily woke up in the middle of the night throwing up on the side of her bed, her stomach hurt very badly. Elle heard her so she ran to her mom and dads room and told them. When she told them, they ran to her room and cradled her in their arms. They then put her in the car and grabbed her pink poke- a -dotted blanket and her favorite doll, the one Elle gave her when she was born. She took it with her. Elle sat in the back seat with Emily and rubbed her little rosy cheeks.When they got to the Children’s Hospital they rushed Emily in.

When they went in the into the hospital, they saw a bunch of kids that were very sick. Elle’s mom and dad  ran to the counter and told the people that worked at the hospital that Emily was sick and was throwing up and doesn’t want to eat, so they took her back into a room and put a bunch of needles in her. Elle saw that Emily was crying so she snuggled with her. Then after she snuggled with Emily, she fell asleep.

When Emily fell asleep, the doctors took her to surgery room because they said she had Pyloric Stenosis and she was throwing up because her stomach muscle was to tight, and that doesn’t allows her to eat which could kill her if we don’t do  surgery.

They took her back to the surgery room, which took one hour to complete. They stretched the stomach muscle and stitched her up. After they stitched her up, they took her back to the room to rest and so her mom and dad can see her. After they took her to the room, she didn’t wake up until one in the morning. When she did she tried to look for Elle, but she wasn’t there. She was with her grandma because they didn’t want here to cry, scream, and stress out her mom and dad more than they already are.

After two days Emily, was healthy enough to go home .When they got home they took Emily to her bed and called grandma to bring Elle home to see Emily. After a couple minutes Elle arrived she came running in to come see Emily. When Emily saw Elle she got so excited.

Two weeks later

After to weeks  Emily went back to doing everything she loves like dance classes with her big sister Elle . And going to the park and just being a normal kid again. ❤️


Hi my is Alyna and l am the writer of this article and when I was a baby I had Pyloric Stenosis. ❤️

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❤️The Sickness❤️