Pigeons, and lots of them

Alright, whats going on. I think I know why you are here. You! Yes you! Want to learn more about the most stupid species of bird “Pigeons”. Your parents have probably had one run into/under your car. It’s probably hit your window about 5 times before giving up, and going to the window downstairs. They’re pretty dumb, and you have probably only seen one type of “pigeon”. But don’t fret, today, I will be teaching you the different types of pigeons and also, rating on the scale of stupidity.

  1. King Pigeon: Let us start this list off with the “King Pigeon”. This huge, and may I say “thick” looking bird is mostly bred for food (squab). They are also larger than feral pigeons (the ones that you mostly see). These pigeons make awesome pets. I guess you could say they are “coo” with human contact. But they don’t have proper “fight or flight” response, so that you kinda make them a little (dull). Stupidity Rating: 6/10Related image
  2. Fancy Pigeons: Okay, so next up. Lets get a little more classy. These fancy pigeons are bred specifically for the “pigeon connoisseur”. They are also really expensive, so if you are really into the pigeon collecting art, then ya sure pay upwards of $1,500. Oh ya, I almost forgot, you can also enter then in “pigeon shows”. Yes, you heard me right, you can enter these thing competitions…..for pigeons. Stupidity Rating: 2/10Red Capuchin Fancy Pigeon
  3. Band-Tailed Pigeons: Close up next, lets talk about these band-tailed pigeons. These little guys (that actually aren’t so little) live in North America, and the Pacific Coast. And (according to their name) they have a long banded tail, and a white band on their neck (that looks like a cheep choker from H&M). And on the account of them being little, they’re not. They range from about 14 to 18 inches long with a yellow traffic cone looking beak. Unlike the pigeons here that lunge at your in-n-out fries, these bird actually eat acorns, berries, and grains. Band-tailed pigeon on a utility wire in California
  4. Racing & Homing Pigeons: Coming in at number four we have racing and homing pigeons. These guys are usually blue, or white. And are also raced competitively, kept as pets, and used in wedding as doves. That’s right, those beautiful looking white birds that you usually see at weddings, those are a bunch of stupid pigeons in disguise. And since they are strong and fast, they are trained to participate in pigeon races. Stupidity Rating: 6.5/10   Blue Bar Racing Pigeon
  5. Feral Pigeons: Now, last but certainly not least. We have, feral pigeons. Otherwise known as “city pigeons”. These boys or girl (I don’t discriminate) are the dumbest of their species. You will mostly find these guys near buildings, courtyards, on your car, on your grandma… Anyways, these things are everywhere. And to be completely honest, they will probably go up to your table and practically beg for you to give them food. But don’t give it to them, or they wont leave you alone, or maybe they’ll poop on you. Either way it wont be a fun time. Stupidity Rating: 14/10Image result for stupid pigeons