A Review of the Rest of The Week

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Unless you’re dead, you have experienced a second, a minute, an hour, a day, and likely also a week. The week is an emotional roller coaster, with each day having their own experience. Monday was rated six out of ten, Tuesday was six out of ten, and Wednesday got seven out of ten. I will continue from there.

Thursday: Thursday (in my opinion) is the most underrated day of the week. Right after miserable Wednesday, Thursday is such a beautiful day, a new dawn. The mile is over, and you’re back to the regular schedule and used to not having short days. The overall mood is so relaxed except for having to actually write my article in journalism instead of doing homework. My overall after school/work experience for Thursday is three out of four.

After school on Thursday is my only hope, dream and joy. After school, I usually am spared of going to wait for my sister for an hour while she’s at her math tutor. Also weekly challenges for Fortnight come out on Thursday, which is always the best. And Thursday is my Friday honestly, it feels more like the end of the week than Friday, probably because I’m used to four day school weeks now. Overall after school experience, four out of four.

Other stuff that happens on Thursday is those weekly challenges for Fortnight, and the pure joy of it being Thursday gives Thursday two out of two for other stuff.

Overall Thursday Rating: Nine out of ten.


Friday: Unlike Thursday, I think Friday is extremely overrated, everyone think’s it’s amazing. Friday is the end of the week which instantly makes it amazing because no one likes school. However, we get tests and homework, and a quiz every week in math. This greatly worsens the Friday experience during school. We also have units in PE which sucks for being PE. The overall Friday school rating is three out of four.

After school for Friday gives you this feeling of achievement. You have braved the challenging, emotional, demotivating roller coaster of the week. Going home on Friday is amazing. However, I have to go to karate on Fridays which obviously brings down the score. Overall after school rating: Three out of four.

Other stuff that happens on Friday isn’t too great. I wake up at seven o’ clock on Fridays. Usually I sleep in thinking it’s Saturday, but my sister starts screaming at me to wake up so I’m usually rushed on Friday. I also have to take home PE clothes which is a stressful little extra. This gives Friday a zero out of two for extra stuff.

Overall Friday rating: Six out of ten.


Saturday: Saturday is a pretty good day and instantly gets four out of four for school due to there being no school which is amazing.

Since I’m at home all day and basically get to do whatever I want, Saturday gets four out of four for after school.

Other stuff that happens on Friday is I have karate which gives other stuff a zero out of two.

Overall Saturday rating: Eight out of ten.


Sunday: Sunday is like Saturday since there’s no school. However since school is the next day there is some extra stress. Sunday gets three out of four for the school experience.

Since Sunday is like Saturday, basically a free day, the score for after school is four out of four.

Other stuff that happens on Sunday is the depression that kicks in at the end of the day. I also have to do chores and homework I’ve procrastinated on since Friday. This gives Sunday a double dosage of depression which gives Sunday zero out of two for other stuff.

Overall Sunday rating: Seven out of Ten.

Now I’ll rank every day based on score:

  1. Thursday
  2. Saturday
  3. Sunday
  4. Wednesday
  5. Friday
  6. Monday
  7. Tuesday

That’s all folks.


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