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My Top 10 Anime Openings

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Two songs from the same artist were able to get on this list! Anime Openings are the songs played at the start of an anime episode. They’re typically the “first impression” of an anime that you might begin to start watching. Then there are anime Endings, which are the songs played at the end of an anime episode. People typically don’t stay until the end to listen to it, but I like enjoying everything an anime has to offer, so I always stick until the end. And in this article, I will present my top 10 anime openings. For the sake of not typing “opening” a lot of the time, I’ll be dubbing them as OP. I will first start off with anime OPs first. And in the next article, I’ll discuss my top 10 endings.

10. Silhouette by KANA-BOON (Naruto Shippuden Season 17 OP 2)

I have never watched Naruto Shippuden in my life before. Never. Well besides watching the actual OP of Silhouette. I found out about this song by an artist I listen too, and they make English covers of anime OPs. Their cover was absolutely amazing, so I decided to listen to the real thing. Just as catchy as the English cover. In the OP, they animated it where the characters were kind of moving to the beat of the song, but not dancing to it, which I think is always a great element to add to anime OPs.

9. GAMERS! by Hisako Kanemoto, Manaka Iwani and Rumi Ōkubo (GAMERS! OP)

Just recently, I have finished the anime GAMERS! The only thing that will always make me remember it is the OP. At the start was okay, but when the chorus came up (I’m sorry if that sounds weird, I’m not really familiar with music terms) it was the catchiest part about the song.

8. Brand-new World by Shiena Nishizawa (Asterisk War Season 1 OP 1)

Asterisk War is an anime that I have a watched a few years ago. It is not really considered a good anime, but none the less, I still want another season of it. But, from what I have heard from people, the music is absolutely fantastic, and I’ll have to agree with that. Especially the first OP of the whole series. In it, there’s a fight scene, and the characters attack to the rhythm of the song, another example of the characters moving to the beat of the song.

7. Fearless Hero by Nana Mizuki (Dog Days Season 2 OP)

Now I don’t really have a reason for putting this at number 7. I couldn’t think of a song that fits this spot without having a good reason. So I’ll just say it was the best OP out of all the OPs in Dog Days.

6. SHINY DAYS by Asaka (Yuru Camp OP)

To summarize Yuru Camp: maximum comfiness! And the OP really shows that, with a little bit of quirkiness on the side. That’s what makes the OP really charming.

5. Click by ClariS (Nisekoi Season 1 OP 1)

Nisekoi is one of the first real animes I’ve watched. And even though it’s a pretty average anime with pretty average music, this anime OP has always been memorable, and I can never put my finger on why I like it or how I always remember it.

4. ODD FUTURE by UVERworld (My Hero Academia Season 3 OP 1)

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard the words “My Hero Academia” if they have dipped their feet in anime conversations. I’d say it’s the most popular anime right now. The characters, story, art style, music, and etc are all really great. Personally, I’m hooked on all the OPs of My Hero Academia (besides the first ever OP of the series; it’s pretty much overlooked at this point). What I love the most about this OP is the instruments used.

3. Itteki no Eikyou by UVERworld (Blue Exorcist Season 2 OP)

“Another song by UVERworld?! WOWZERS!” Yup. Another song by UVERworld. They’re my favorite band, so I needed to put more than one song on this list. If I remember, they did two OPs for Blue Exorcist, but I prefer this one. Just like ODD FUTURE, I love this OP because of the instruments used.

2. Snow Fairy by FUNKIST (Fairy Tail Season 1 OP 1)

OH BOI. My favorite OP from my favorite anime! Anytime I listen to this bad boi, I always feel so nostalgic. It’s fairly catchy, and you can put this song on repeat FOREVER, and I’ll never get tired of it.

1. Peace Sign by Kenshi Yonezu (My Hero Academia Season 2 OP 1)

Peace Sign is by Kenshi Yonezu, my favorite artist. Now  Itteki no Eikyou, I said that UVERworld is my favorite band, so I had to put more than one OP on this list. This would be the same case for Kenshi Yonezu, but from my knowledge, he has not made any other anime OP besides this one. Anyway, Peace Sign is currently my favorite anime OP AND song in general. I like how it’s fast-paced, and then when the chorus comes, it’s like he pours his heart and soul into it, and it’s absolutely fantastic and catchy.

That’s my top 10 anime OPs, and most likely next week, I will present my top 10 anime endings (aka EDs).

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My Top 10 Anime Openings