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The Worst Movie Of All Time

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Halloween is right around the corner and for the past few days I’ve been watching “spooky” movies. Most of them were great, like Donnie Darko and The Woman in Black, but not all of them. Especially, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. 

In the mid 80’s the iconic Garbage Pail Kids trading cards were released. My dad collected them when he was younger and I used to sit and flip through the ones he had. Despite the cards being amazing, they still inspired one of the worst movies of all time. The first problem with this film is the director, Rod Amateau. You can’t really expect much from him, however. I’ve never seen anything good come from him, however I didn’t expect it to be this awful. Mark Newgarden, the creator of the trading cards can be qouted saying, “They brought Amateau in to meet with us just once and it was awkward,” he recalls. “It was clear he knew literally nothing about Garbage Pail Kids. He was going to what he was going to do and Topps didn’t want us getting in the way.”  Yikes.

The only thing this movie did well was look HORRIFYING. I almost quit within the first five minutes because I couldn’t stand how gross this movie looked. This movie left me questioning weather or not anyone thought about the plot during production. It’s seemingly not there. It left me angry, confused, and feeling like I wasted the past 97 minutes of my life. No wonder this was Amateau’s last film.

This movie would’ve been a million times better if it was animated, but sadly it wasn’t. “We got dwarves – there’s plenty of them – we got dwarves and put heads on them, and found out how long they could survive in there without breathing, and it turned out to be about five, seven minutes. So you had to rehearse everything without the heads on, put the heads on, have a paramedic [with] a stop watch. Little sons of b***hes go in there, and you say ‘action’, and you shoot until they can’t breathe.”Amateau said about the way this film was shot. Just reading that horrified me. He subjected the actors to that, only to come out with the worst film of all time.

I’m confused as to how this is meant for children. I guess older children may have enjoyed it, but what about the toddlers that saw this horrendous film? Without a doubt they’re scarred. The worst part is, they made this a musical thinking it would appeal to a younger audience. Plans were put in place for a sequel at one point as well. Thankfully, Atlantic Releasing went bankrupt and was forced to close before the production for the sequel started.

Some people do however, like this film. Here’s the thing, there’s plenty of awful movies that are great, but that’s not the case. The Room is the best example of this. I adore that film, because it does bad well. It’s bad enough to be funny, however The Garbage Pail Kids is too grossly awful to be good.

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The Worst Movie Of All Time