The most iconic looking coffee mugs

Alright, whats going on, I am back at it again with another great article about something I truly love. Coffee. Well, the thing that holds it. Now before we get into the discussion of “oh you’re 13 and already drinking coffee? You know that stunts growth, makes you more hyper than you need to be, and makes your teeth yellow?” Okay, first of all I’m 5’7″, I’m always tired, and there is something called whitening strips (use them). But carrying on from my mini rant there, coffee can make or break your day, and having the right mug can really help with your coffee drinking experience.

Life Sized Lego Mug: Let’s start off strong with an amazing and cheap mug made by the block company themselves, Lego (not eggo). Not only is it the perfect size, it also comes in the only two colors you need, red and blue. It will also give a bit of nostalgia every sip, because you will constantly remember the time you made your mini-figures have a coffee date. Image result for ridiculous coffee mugs

Cookie Monster Mug: Next up on our list. We have an amazing mug from the iconic sesame street character himself, “Cookie Monster.” This cup has not only the best character from your favorite child hood show (or the one that freaked you out the most). But it also has a cookie holder, this is the best idea ever. Because I can not tell you how many times when carrying my hot cup of coffee (actually I prefer cold) and I dropped my sweet snack while carrying my great drink. This compartment fixes all of those problems. So next time you’re looking for a mug that is innovative, consider this.Image result for ridiculous coffee mugs

 Toilet Mug: Coming in at number three on this list. We have, just a great idea in general (I don’t know how I didn’t think about it). Because you know, coffee kinda makes you want to….. ya you know what I mean. Now the features of this mug really sell it for me, it holds a whole 14 ounces of beverage (wow!), and its made out of ceramic (the stuff actual toilets are made of). Oh and don’t even get me started on the handle, with it’s thick and grip-y ridges. I think this cup is a total steal! Image result for toilet coffee mug

Ninja Mug: This mug has just left me speechless. Well, if you can’t already tell what I’m talking about just after taking a glance at this picture, then there is something seriously wrong here. It’s jet black, with white eyes (for people that want to be a little wild now and then). And It also comes with a ninja star coaster, as well as a samurai blade spoon for all of your mixing needs.Ninja Mug With Samurai Spoon And Ninja Star Coaster

Ember self-heating mug: For this last mug, I thought I would find the most innovative, and useful design element. This mug by ember heats your coffee just enough to keep it the temperature you want. And you can control all of the elements of the mug from a simple app on your phone. The price tag is $80, but if you really like your hot coffee not to taste like a sour, room temperature water, then this cup is perfect for you.Image result for ember coffee cup