My Very Interesting Lunch

Lunch and nutrition. Both are time periods where the students spend time with their friends and they eat their food for a while. For example, in lunch, you have thirty minutes to hang out with your friends and eat and in nutrition you do the same but for only about fifteen minutes. Nutrition is after second period and after that, you go to your third period and continue your day. Lunch is after fourth period and goes on for about thirty minutes. After, you continue to fifth and sixth period and then school is over. Today I went to lunch and sat with my friend who decided that she does not want to be named so we will call her Suspect One. Suspect One and I went and sat in the spot where we usually sit and then she announced to me that she had a big, big bag of Halloween candy. We decided that instead of doing normal people stuff and just continue on with our lives ignoring the candy, we opened the bag and started eating some of it. Then we decided that there was too much candy for only us to eat, so we walked around giving out candy.

When we started walking around, we went over to the cafeteria and went to our guy friend who also doesn’t want to be named so we’ll call him Suspect Two. I’m Suspect Zero, by the way. We went over to him and gave him four packets of sour gummy worms, which I’m not gonna lie, they were very sweet and decent. Then, we kept on walking and we went to the stairs that are at the entrance of the seventh grade patio and there were a lot of people there that figured out we had candy so they all started “attacking” us. We ran away and went to find our other friends. Our other friends were in a very big group of about eight. Obviously, they all wanted candy so they each got about two. One packet of the sour gummy worms and one box of very sour jelly beans. They were very, very bad. I don’t know why they took them.

After surviving the group of doom, we went over to two of Suspect One and I’s friends. One of them, let’s call her Miki grabbed seven boxes of the jelly beans before we could stop her and her friend I think only grabbed two. We were left with about ten in the bag. Suspect One and I walked over to the seventh grade patio and there was a guy who we will call Suspect Three who was willing to pay one dollar for one of the packets. We decided that it would be funny if we ate what was in the packet and then taped it back together and sold it to him. Obviously, we were going to give the money back if he actually took it but we just wanted to see if he would actually fall for the prank. He didn’t so we took the money and ran. We were all joking around and chasing each other around. After a surprisingly long time, we gave the dollar back to him. Right at that moment, the bell rang and that meant that we had to go to our fifth period classes. I said goodbye to Suspect One, Suspect Two, Miki, and Suspect Three and I walked over to this class that I am in right now, Journalism. I would say that this Lunch was very fun and interesting.