A Review of Everyday of the Week Part One

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You all know the emotional roller coaster of the week, the repetitive cycle that makes up your entire life. It is inescapable, literally. It is time itself. The week is made up of seven days, each with a general experience you can expect every week on said day. I will rate the days out of ten, based on points in three subjects: School/work experience which can score up to four points, after school/work up to four points, and other stuff which is two points. So let’s begin.

Monday: Monday is the worst day of the week for most people, as it is the beginning of the school and/or work cycle. After the beautiful thing known as the weekend, you return to your daily routine. This can lead to little to no free time for people outside of school or work. You also forget that you have to deal with people you dislike again, which is always frustrating. Overall school/work experience: One out of four.

After school or work, this can depend on the person how bad it is. For me, since I usually don’t have homework on Mondays and go straight home, the after school experience for me is pretty good. Overall after school/work experience: Four out of four.

Other stuff that happens on Monday is little things like having to bring PE clothes to school, which is a little stressful thing to add to the table. Since I often sleep in a bit on Mondays, I wake up late, frantically rush to school, and always manage to forget something. Other stuff experience: One out of two.

Overall Monday rating: Six out of ten.


Tuesday: Tuesday are like scaled down Mondays, at least for most people. The school day is a juicy short day which is always good because school sucks. PE is always independent activity, but sadly short. But I’ll do anything to escape units. Since the day is short, you often have less time to do work which can lead to extra homework. But it’s still a short day, and as they say, less is more. Overall school/work rating: Three out of four.

After school for me on Tuesdays is no fun. I first wait in my dad’s car for an hour and half to get my sister. She then sometimes goes to her math tutor and I’m dragged along. At the end of the day I then go to karate. Tuesdays are long and boring for me. Overall after school/work rating: One out of four.

Other stuff that happens on Tuesdays is basically nothing, which I can say is a good thing. Other stuff experience: Two out of two.

Overall Tuesday rating: Six out of ten.


Wednesday: Wednesdays are a pretty stressful day for most people. Wednesday is hump day, and for me personally, has the peak stress level of the week. Wednesday usually has quizzes, and PE has the dreaded mile run. Afterwards though, at least we get independent activity. After a short Tuesday, Wednesdays feel like they last an eternity. Overall school/work experience for Wednesday: Two out of four.

After school for Wednesday is an easy day for me, so I’d rate it a three out of four.

Other stuff that happens on Wednesday is usually update day for Fortnight which is a plus, so Wednesday scores two out of two for other stuff.

Overall Wednesday rating: Seven out of ten.

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