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When I moved from an apartment to a house

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When I first moved from an apartment to a house was about 4 years ago. We didn’t have much. In my apartment, I would always complain that we had a small house and a small room. But my dad would work all day and I wasn’t showing any respect, I was just complaining. My dad would work everyday from eight in the morning to 10 at night. In my apartment, we had only two bed rooms and we were three kids. It was hard. My sister slept with my parents and I slept with my brother. We were all kind of big so we wanted to have a playground to play soccer and basketball. Instead, we always had to play inside. It wasn’t really fun to play inside because things would break and we had no room. I was always happy for everything I had and appreciated.

When I  wanted to have a sleepover or a play date, we didn’t have enough room. We also never had room for family to come over. My brother and I would never have room to fit all of our toys. My brother and I would have one bed together. We also had no room to ride our bikes outside. All they had outside was a pool.

We weren’t able to do much, but the good thing was we were all healthy and everything was good, we just needed more room. In our apartment we, didn’t have a garage. We had a tiny place to store all our things on top of our parking spot. We also had a storage place in our apartment, which we could not fit anything in.

When we finally moved from an apartment to a house, we had everything we needed. My sister had her own room and her own closet, I had the same thing. So did my brother. Now we have five rooms and three bathrooms. My dad finished remodeling the garage and made it a play room. But the bad thing, the remodeling for the whole house took  four months. Outside in our backyard we had a tree house, a basketball court, and a soccer court, and in my apartment I remember when my soccer ball and basketball were always in the closet, but now everything is in my back yard. Each one of us had what we wanted. We all had phones and a TV in each one of our rooms. I also remember in my apartment, they never let me have a pet because it would pee on the carpet, but now I  have a dog and it has a really big back yard. It has a lot of room and we take it for walks once in a while so, we can do a lot of things. The only pet I had  in my apartment was a fish and turtles in tank. Everyday, I was thankful of my dad at the hard work he did and I appreciate him everyday.



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When I moved from an apartment to a house