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Strange Things I Have Noticed About Humans

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Humans constantly judge each other. They naturally do it, they think things about people weather it’s good or bad. Humans are all so masively different weather they think they are or not. Everybody has a different personality, a different opinion, different aspects on things. Humans have emotions and fears, they have feelings and stress. Your environment, both cultural environment and physical environment affect everything about yourself. How much support and love you got growing up, your friends, teachers, siblings. Your race, culture, ethnicity all affects you. If you are bullied than you’d be different, if your parents are divorced. The amount of friends you have, your preferences. Even if you have a certain style and kind of a way you do the things you do, and how many people do it. The power of human influence affects you to. I watched a couple of social experiments on youtube. One was a waiting room and every couple minutes a beeping noise would happen. The experiment creator was stood up during every time the beeping noise occurred. Very soon every was doing it with him. I thought this proved the way humans influence each other.

We were talking about how humans have fear and anxiety. Though it sounds horrible and people try so incredibly hard to make it go away, humans absolutely need fear and anxiety. Without fear humans would pretty much be sociopaths. They would not be scared of anything or feel guilty. Without anxiety and stress their would be no motivation. No one would work hard or get jobs, they would give up on everything. People would go around hurting each other. It would not be as much as a free world than it sounds like it would be. Without frustration, stress, anxiety, fear, and so much more humans could not function. Humans could not live without pain.

Everyone has had a low point. Some people have a harder life then others. However, no matter who you are, where you live, and so much more. You have had, or will have a low point. It’s not something you could escape. It’s something all humans live through. And so it’s your low point, you never feel more horrible. Because you’ve never experience this feeling of whatever your feeling could be.

Humans are all different. Even if you look like some as physical features, everything about your true self could be entirely different. No one is the same. While writing this article I realized something, humans can’t get good things unless they work for them. They can’t keep wishing or hope, they have to work. Problems will be sad, but they also can be happy. Human beings are very weird, I’m a human being writing about human beings. That is a little weird. Overall humans can not be explained easily. I think this was a very fun article to write. Focusing on pain in humans and realizing that no matter how much we wish that pain will go away, we need it.

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Strange Things I Have Noticed About Humans