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Stairway to Paradise (Part Two)

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I shut the journal and put it under the seat. I stared at the fabulous mansion in front of me. Millions of fine looking men and women holding wine glasses chatted and laughed. Long arches curved the entrance to the huge ballroom. A full orchestra entertained the guest as they twirled and spun.

“This is beautiful, Harold,” I said, grabbing his hand. we walked forward and people whispered and stared.

“They are looking at you, Harold,” I said, I stepped a little closer to him, uncomfortable of everyone’s eyes in my direction.

“No, they’re not,” He said, looking forward.

“What do you mean? Just look around,” I said, looking at him.

“You’ll see why later, dear,” he said. I just looked forwards and ignored the comments, even though it is quite challenging to ignore look at them and they look darling together. But I tried my hardest. We finally entered the ballroom and Harold pulled me to the bar.

“It’s pretty, right?” He asked, leaning against the bar.

“Very,” I said. The ceiling had gold rods meeting at the top, and copper window sills with silk curtains. The walls were a yellow-tan sort of color, and the floor had white granite. The granite was a little obnoxious, but I didn’t mind. He lit a cigarette and held it out.

“Want one?” he asked, smiling.

“Harold, I would never. You know that,” I said, turning away.

“Fine, go dance then,” He said, walking towards a group of Bachelors. I rolled my eyes and walked forwards,  walking through the dancers. I stopped at a huge hallway. Harold never said anything about not looking around. I stepped slowly into the hallway and looked at each door. This mansion seemed more of a hotel then a house. I stopped at a grand, golden staircase. It lead up to even more rooms than the hallway held. I took off my high heels and ran up the stairs. There were 3 more staircases, each a shimmering silver.

“Looking for someone?” a voice asked. I turned around.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I just saw the beautiful staircase and-” my eyes came into focus on a taller boy with brown hair. his eyes were a florescent blue and he was freckled on his face, just underneath his eyes. He had a birthmark lighter than his skin tone sticking out of his sleeve.

“Oh no, you shouldn’t worry about it. It’s not even my house, anyway,” he said. smiling.

“Oh, well it’s absolutely lovely,” I said, looking around.

“It is. What’s your name?” He asked.

“I’m Alice,” I said, bowing my head slightly.

“Oh, no need to bow down. You’re Harold’s doll, aren’t you?” he asked, moving his hair from his face.

“Well, I suppose. It’s more forced, though,” I said sitting on a stair. “You weren’t supposed to know that. I shouldn’t have told you, please forgive me.”

“Don’t ask for forgiveness, Alice. A girl who speaks her mind is always forgiven,” he said, sitting next to me.

“Do you live in a holy family, sir?” I asked, looking at him.

“The name is Edwin, and Yes, my family is holy,” He said.

“Oh, Edwin, that is a wonderful name. Your a doll, are you a friend of Harold?” I asked.

“Oh yes, Ever since we were children. But you don’t like him? He talks about you an awful lot,” he said.

“Oh, does he?” I asked.

“Oh yes, like the time he took you to the mountains, and took you to the native islands, and-”

“That never happened! In fact, all he does is just tell me what to do! He’s terrible!” I said. He took my hands.

“Let me get you on a little secret, this is your engagement party,” He said, looking down. I put my hand over my mouth. “He is going to meet you in ten minutes in the gardens. When he asks for your hand, say no! I can’t bear to see a darling like you be treated in such a terrible way. After you say no, run up the stairs and go up the center silver staircase. There should be a bronze balcony if I remember right, and I’ll be below it. I know it may be a long way down, But I promise I’ll catch you if you jump, no doubt. Ok?” He asked, standing up.

“Understood, Edwin,” I replied.

“You have 7 minutes exactly. If this is the last time I see you, well, I hope you all the best,” he said.

“See you soon, Edwin, I promise,” I said. I slipped my shoes back on and walked back down to the ballroom. Nobody was dancing anymore, but waiting. Possibly for me. I walked through the crowd to Harold.

“Alice! Where have you been?” He asked, taking my hand. He started walking out of the ballroom into the gardens, and The whole crowd followed us. He lead me to a rose bush shaped as a heart and got down on one knee.

“Alice, You are a wonderful girl, and I can see us spending the rest of our lives together. I been wanting to ask you for a long time, and now I give you the offer. So will you-”

“I know what you are going to ask, and my answer is-” I stopped. I took a deep breath and faced the crowd. “My answer is no. I’m afraid I am not willing to accept your offer.” I started walking away to the ballroom.

“Oh she’s just being silly, she actually means yes!” He said, making the whole crowd cheer.

“No, Stop, Stop,” I said. The crowd now looked at me, their eyes wide opened. I looked at Harold.

“I’m doing you a favor. And my answer is no,” I said. I ran through the crowd and through the gardens, past the rose bushes and through the grass. I entered the ballroom and spun around.

“You were beautiful, ballroom. And I enjoyed my time with you,” I yelled. I ran through the hallway and looked for the glow of the golden staircase. I tripped over my shoes and fell to the ground. I focused my eyes on the red spot on my ankle. I tried to steady myself on my feet, but I fell back down.

Run up the stairs to the the center silver staircase. I thought about Edwin and his promise. I balanced myself on my feet the best I could, and ran up the golden stairs. I kept on running forward. My feet graced the silver steps of the staircase and bloodstains followed. I just had to see Edwin. I wasn’t going to spend my life with Harold. I couldn’t.

The bronze balcony. I walked down the hallway, the bloodstains becoming even more red than before. I fell to the floor. The agony in my ankle was like large needles being pierced into my skin. I looked up from the granite on the floor. There was the glow of the balcony. It seems so far. I can run a few more steps I thought to myself. I stood up and ran. Faster than I ever had. It didn’t matter if I fell. As long as I kept my ground. I was getting so close to the balcony. I reached out my hands to grab the bronze rails. I leaned all my weight on the glistening rails.

“Edwin! Are you down there?” I asked, looking down. I didn’t see anything. There was just a view of a slight sunrise just above the body of water.

“Edwin, Please! I came all this way!” I cried. My arms couldn’t support my body for much longer. The view of the sunrise was now becoming blurry. The sound of the waves and splashes from the ocean was now becoming muffled. I grasped for breath. I couldn’t hold on anymore.

“Fall,” I heard. It was so distant it sounded more of a thought. “I’m here,” It said. I flung all my weight forward. My heart slowed down. The pressure of the air swung up behind my back. Then every thought escaped my brain.

And everything went dark.






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Stairway to Paradise (Part Two)