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Halloween Party ☠️

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There once was a girl named Lilly Anne and she was 19. She was going out with her friends tonight because it was Halloween and she was dressing up as an Angel and her friend Rebecca is going to be a Devil. Rebecca knew a guy that was hosting a party, she was invited but the only problem was that Lilly was not invited. But Lilly didn’t care because she had a crush on him. His name was Calvin Clean and he lived a block away from Lilly.

That day, Lilly asked Calvin out but he said no. Lilly was feeling really sad so Rebecca came up with the idea of going to the party. She thought that they wouldn’t see him there for some reason. She just wanted to take Lilly’s mind of what Calvin said. But what Lilly and Rebecca didn’t know was that Calvin was watching them for 3 years.

They got to the party and Lilly wanted to go home but Rebecca didn’t let her because she wanted to have fun. So to take Lilly’s mind of Calvin she took her to get a drink. Lilly had 5 drinks and she was really drunk and she was tripping over things and falling to the floor. Rebecca saw her and tried to get her out of the house before everyone noticed but when she did a guy in a bloody ghost costume and stopped her and locked her in the closet. But the guy in the costume was Calvin and then he got Lilly and took her to the bedroom and throw her on the bed and tied her to it and put tape on her mouth so she could not talk.

After Calvin taped her mouth he went to go find something to kill her with. At first he found a hanger but that would not hurt her so he went to the kitchen to find a knife. When he went to the kitchen he found the biggest knife there and took it back to the room to kill Lilly. When he got to the room he slowly put the knife to Lilly’s face and Lilly tried to scream for help but she couldn’t because she had tape on her mouth. She struggled to get  free but she couldn’t so she just cried.

Calvin did not want to hear her cry anymore so he killed her. He stuck her right in the heart. Then she died instantly. Then Calvin went to the closet to go get Rebecca and when he went to go get her he taped her mouth. Then Rebecca started to cry. Then Calvin walked up the stairs and took her to the room were he killed Lilly. Calvin picked up the knife and brought it to her stomach and told her to stop crying and stabbed her right in the stomach and she died and nobody saw Lilly and Rebecca again. But Calvin never stopped looking for his next young teenage girl to kill next …. ha ha ha☠️





















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Halloween Party ☠️