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The responsibilities of having a dog

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About one week ago, I got a dog named Cory. He is a black lab mixed with something, we don’t really know what.😘

The day we were supposed to get him was last Thursday. My family and I waited and waited, then finally my mom opened her email and there it was. The people who were supposed to bring Cory got stuck in traffic,  so we had to wait until 8:30( which was like torture for me). When I finally got him, he was so much smaller than the picture I saw of him. And he was fully grown! My dad and I were desperate for a dog but my mom was like ‘eh, so I am so happy she finally said yes. I was the first one to get a kiss from him, so I think he likes me more! Shhh don’t tell my parents.😂

I got so excited when we went to get him toys. I was so happy he was going to be happy. It has only been the first week and he now has nine toys.

The responsibility of caring for a dog kicks in right away. He needs a kennel. He needs food, He needs a water and food bowl. He needs a collar with a name tag. I need to pick up poop. Oh my gosh, there is so much to think about when you get a new dog.

Let’s start off with the kennel. The first night my dad went out to get a kennel for him so he could sleep in. I was so tired because I was playing with Cory for an hour and a half ( we were running and running ). Every night Cory either sleeps in his kennel or on my bed. Most of the time he sleeps in his kennel, but every now and then, he sleeps on my bed.

Next he obviously needs to eat. While my dad was buying the kennel he also bought Cory food. We didn’t want to make him sick so we made sure to buy the same food he had been eating. He obviously needs a water bowl because he needs to stay alive. Did you know that the average dog can go without food and water at least five days before starvation.

Cory needs a name tag and a collar, because,  if he doesn’t have one no one will now who he is or who he belong too. Last Sunday we got his tag engraved, with his name and my dad’s phone number. He needs a collar because we need something to hang the name tag on or else it would fall off. We can’t clip it onto him, that would hurt.

This one is my least favorite job, picking up poop. I have to do it because it is my responsibility and because he is my dog too. My parents tell me to do it before dark, because, if it gets to dark we can’t see it and it attracts rats. We don’t want that at all.

Lastly, is he going to sleep through the night, or am I going to sleep through the night? Most of the time he wakes me up, because, when he shakes his collar, his tag goes crazy while I am in a sound sleep. But that’s okay, I still love him so much.🌹❤


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The responsibilities of having a dog