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Schools should have vending machines

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There are many things schools could do to improve. One of these is to buy vending machines for students to use.

Vending machines could help schools earn more money. According to, “Schools receive a portion of the profits from the vending machines. Schools use the money to fund many different school activities and goals, including buying computers, training teachers and funding sports events. The money that is made from the machines stays within the school and helps purchase many things no longer in the school budget due to forced spending cuts.” Schools could use money they earn from vending machines to schedule field trips, or to buy some school supplies for their students.

Some students may forget their lunch at home, however, if schools had vending machines students could buy a snack so they won’t go hungry. According to, “Although some schools must turn off vending machines are lunch, kids that forget to bring a lunch, lose their meal ticket or just didn’t bring a lunch need to eat somehow. Vending machines provide a way for kids to eat when they don’t have any lunch. Whether it’s a healthy lunch or a junk food lunch, at least the kids will not need to go all day without food.” Although buying food from the cafeteria is an option, many students do not like the cafeteria food. Instead of not eating, students would be able to buy food from the school vending machine.

Not all vending machines have to sell food, so schools could also use them to sell school supplies. According to, “One type of vending machine that is not mentioned often is one that sells things that kids need. Pencils, erasers and other school supplies are added to vending machines so students don’t need to go without during classes. Some vending machines can hold small notepads, rulers, correction liquid and glue.” Those who forgot some school supplies at home would be able to quickly buy some school supplies, instead of bothering another student to borrow theirs’.

Many students find it hard to focus in class if they are too hungry. However, if schools had vending machines students would be able to quickly buy a snack, According to, “Food is essentially fuel for the body, and it’s important that students keep their bodies’ fuel tanks full in order to get through a long day of lectures, tests, notetaking, and after school activities. Snacking between meals can help kids stay focused and engaged in the classroom,” Even though students aren’t allowed to eat in class, schools could allow them to eat a small snack during passing period.

When many people think of vending machines, they most likely think of junk food and soda, however not all vending machines have to provide unhealthy snacks. According to, “The main problem with vending machines in schools has been the unhealthy eating associated with them.  However, this can easily be changed by simply conducting a meeting with school officials to decide what will and what will not appear in the machines for sale to students. Things like granola bars, trail mixes and juices can be sold instead of pop and chips only.” Schools could also sell fresh fruit, such as bananas or apples, and water in vending machines.

Students would be happier if there were vending machines in their schools.


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Schools should have vending machines