Kings Split With Arizona

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Kings Lose to Arizona

On Saturday January 23 rd the Kings lost to Arizona 3-2.  In the first period only Arizona scored 1 goal, which made Arizona lead 1-0 at the end of the first period. In the second period Kings scored 2 goals, and Arizona scored 1 goal. Nick Shore scored a goal with 7 minutes in to the period. Then Arizona took the lead back with 8 minutes left in the period. Then Dustin Brown scored a goal with 2 min left in the period. This tied the game at 2-2. In the third period Arizona scored the only goal in the period with 45 seconds in to the period. Arizona won the game 3-2, and we will see you next time on “The Hale Telescope.”


Kings Beat Arizona

On February second the Kings beat the Arizona Coyotes 6-2. In the first period Kings scored 0 goals while Arizona scored 1 goal. In the second period Kings scored 4 goals, and Arizona only scored 1. With 4 min. in to the period Jake Muzzin scores a power-play goal, which ties the game at 1. Then 2 min. later Arizona scores a goal. Then Martinez scores a power-play goal to tie the game at 2 -2 . Then Gaborik blasts a shot, and beats the goalie on the glove side. After that Dustin Brown shot the puck from center ice, and scored making it 4-2 Kings. In the third period Kings scored 2 goals while Arizona scored 0. With 4 min. in to the period Dustin Brown scored another goal. Then with 6 min left in the period Lecavalier scored a tip in goal on a power-play making it 6-2 Kings. The Kings won the game 6-2, and we will see you next time on “The Hale Telescope.”

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