My NBA 8-15 players 2018-19

Last time I told you about my top 7 NBA players this upcoming season, now I’m going to continue my list of NBA player from 8-15. 8 Chris Paul, After he was traded to the Rockets from the Clippers he almost had his chance to make it to the championship but lost to the Warriors in 7 games. He scored 18.6 points a game. He is the top 5 guard in the NBA.I think he is going to win the championship this coming season.  9 Kawhi Leonard, after he asked to sit out for a whole season for not wanting to play for the Spurs he was traded to the Toronto Raptors for Demar Derozan. He scored 19 points a game, with the Spurs but had a argument with the head coach Greg Popovich. In all he is going to have a better career on the Raptors. 10 Kyrie Irving, was playing with the king of the NBA LeBron James. The next season he wanted to lead own team, and he did he was traded to the Boston Celtics for Isiah Thomas, and Jay Crowder. He was carried them to a 16 straight wins but lost to Miami. Later in the season he got hurt and was out for the rest the season. He scored 24.4 points a game.

11 Blake Griffin, when he was drafted he couldn’t play because he was hurt. When he was able to play he won rookie of the year. this last season he was traded to the Detroit Pistons from the Clippers. He scored 19.8 points a game last season. To be honest his NBA career is over. 12 Damian Lillard, recently he was selected to the all NBA first team scoring 27 points a game. He lost in the first round to Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans. In 2015-16 season his former teammate LaMarcus Aldridge signed to the Spurs, which made the chances for the Trailblazers bad. After LaMarcus Aldridge left Damian Lillard was the man he is today. I think if he can score a little more points he can lead them to a good playoff spot.

13 Gordon Haywood, after going through an injury he bounced back beating the Hornets, scoring 14 points in that game. Before playing for the Celtics he played for the Utah Jazz. He played there since 2010-11 t0 2016-17. H scored 2 points a game but the season before he scored 21 points a game. He plays with Kyrie Irving the to 5 Point Guard in the NBA. 14 Jason Tatum, teammate of Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving. He is the 3rd best player on the Boston Celtics. He carried them to the eastern conference but lost to Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He scored 14 points a game. In 5 years he will be one the star of the NBA. 15 Donovan Mitchell, he was coming in the NBA draft in the top 15 prospect scouting but now is in the top 3. He was expected to play with star small forward Gordon Hayward but he left to go to the Boston Celtics. Donovan Mitchell carried the Utah Jazz to the 2nd round of the playoffs but lost to the Rockets in 5 games. He scored 20.5 points a game, and he will be the face of the NBA in the next  3-5 years.