My Opinion of Apple 2018

As you probably know Apple announced three new phones. If you are going to upgrade please read this before upgrading.

In 2017 Apple released the iPhone X. This phone was very different from other phones. It had a camera that was larger than normal phones. It also had no home button. The phone was very different than others.

Now come 2018 and the new phones are announced everyone gets excited for new things and new software. When shown the XS, what’s different? The only major differences I see are internal. However the XS Max is just a larger X and the XR is a normal 8 without a home button. I feel every other year Apple gets lazy and releases another same old phone. I feel this is one of those years. So let me explain these phones.

First, the iPhone XS. The XS has a 5.8″ Super Retina HD display that is not changed from the X. It also has a 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras. The phone does have a new chip the A12 Bionic Chip. A great thing about the XS is it’s water resistance it can be 1M more submerged than the X and XR where they have 1M and the XS and Xs Max have 2M. The XS does have a new color, gold. But I feel I should wait till next year to upgrade to this.

Next, the XS Max, which is the same as the XS but larger. Same colors and chip. The XS Max is good for people with big hands who want a big screen.

Finally, the XR. The XR, to me, feels like a 7 or 8 with no home button. It does not have the dual camera and the can only go into 1M of water for 30 minutes. The XR is cheaper than the others by a few hundred dollars but is not as good as a phone and may be less safe near water.

Now, my nitpicks. On the XS and XS Max there is an automatic “beauty mode” that makes your face super smooth and weird. I have researched and found that no one has been able to turn it off. I feel that most people want a camera that looks as it actually is them. My other main problem is the design. The XS and XS Max are just the X but the Max is supersized. I feel they should’ve changed them a little bit for a new feel.

My final conclusion is Apple makes every other year special and sometimes you don’t know which are special and which are not. I feel you should make your own decision but also don’t waste over $1000 dollars if it is mostly the same as your previous phone. This goes for all companies: Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google, other Android phones so don’t think Apple is scamming you but think they are reusing the old design.

This year they also released the new Apple Watch which I think is a huge improvement. Bigger screen, detects if you have fallen, and can be used without a phone nearby.