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Talking to Mr. Capretta and Mrs. Shirley about being a teacher

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Today, we interviewed sixth grade teachers, Mr. Capretta and Mrs. Shirley. Mr. Capretta is a math and science teacher and Mrs. Shirley is a english and history teacher.

We interviewed them about teaching and how they feel when students do specific things. We wanted to know how teachers personally feel with students. Me and Rachael always talk about how we think that teachers could be incredibly insensitive at times. We feel like teachers sometimes expect things from students that they shouldn’t.

We asked them the same questions to compare the answers. Pantea interviewed Mrs. Shirley.  The first question we asked was, “How do you feel when kids get bad grades?”

Mrs. Shirley told us that she feels frustrated. She talks about how it’s frustrating and she tells us that when she gives kids help and resources they don’t use it bothers her. The second question we asked was, “How do you think your teaching methods have improved throughout your career?” Mrs. Shirley tells us, “I think what I’ve learned is, the more steps I can give them help them along the way, then the better they get.” Like she told us earlier, she gets frustrated when she gives students tools that they could use and practice and they don’t. She tells us when she gives help the outcome of their grades improve and they develop useful skills. She also tells us, “So, instead of expecting them to have these skills, I give as many baby steps I can to help them gain these skills.”

Often teachers, they have unrealistic expectations for their students. Or teachers rely on the students last year teachers to have built these skills on kids already. So when Mrs. Shirley told us this it gave us the impression she had good teaching skills. Another question we asked was, “What’s a common struggle you see with kids?

Academically and the way that they act in class, so socially” Mrs. Shirley told us that it’s usually problems with organization. So, having their supplies, their books, paper they need. She told us that when kids don’t have what they need they fall back. She also told us it could be about not enough support at home. The next question was, “Have your students ever embarrassed you in front of a sub?” Mrs. Shirley said no, but there is always one or two kids that are a little uncooperative. Overall Mrs. Shirley’s answers to this interview gave us an idea on the way’s teachers think and think of students.

Rachael interviewed Mr. Capretta. Mr. Capretta for the first question says “Usually if their not trying because if they just give up that when I get mad. But when they do try I won’t get mad because I at least know they tried.” I thought this was sort of similar to Mrs. Shirley’s answer. We thought that this answer was good and something we expected.

For the second question Mr. Capretta said “ That’s a good question. I definitely think I wouldn’t teach what the kids don’t like because they would get distracted and goof off, and you definitely don’t want that, ten they will get bad grades. And I’ve also learned what works and what doesn’t, for my students.” Again Pantea, had Mr. Capretta and Mrs. Shirley and a lot of their answers were things she assumed they would say.

The third question he said this” Well kids don’t usually like math, but other than that I think it is socially talking. The biggest struggle I see is social media because it gets my students talking and they don’t hear something important that might be on a quiz.”

The fourth question he said “ Not really because I usually talk to my students beforehand so they kind of get an idea of what we are doing and can get prepared the night before. When I come back and I hear that my students have been bad, I am surprised because I told them the day before, so they will get a heads up.”

Now Pantea and I are going to give our own comments on our interviews:

Rachael: I just wanted to say, even though they weren’t my teachers I still had a lot of fun doing this. When we both walked out of Mrs.Shirley’s class we said “Oh my god that was so scary!” But when we left Mr.Capretta’s class we both said” Wow that wasn’t as bad as Mrs.Shirley’s class” Because we both expected what to happen then we said “Ok think we are ready for our article.” And he he are!

Pantea: I think that Mrs. Shirley’s interview and Mr. Capretta’s interview both let us know that teachers do care about students and their success and failure. However, I think that they do get frustrated if they give tools they don’t use which makes sense to the both of us. I personally think that both teachers interviews were very helpful and hopefully me and Rachael could interview teachers again!

The teachers we interviewed today were Pantea’s teachers. Over all Pantea and I mostly agree with Mr. Capretta and Mrs. Shirley. Did you know that they are all Pantea’s teachers they were never my teachers. Hopefully the next time we interview teachers some of them will be my teachers. We thought a lot of their answers were what we expected. And we thought that they gave us an idea on what teachers think when kids do some of these things.


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Talking to Mr. Capretta and Mrs. Shirley about being a teacher