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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Life

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Cristiano is a soccer player from Portugal. He used to play for Real Madrid, Real Madrid is in Spain. So Ronaldo used to play for Real Madrid but then the coach Zinedine Zidane. He is an Italian retired soccer player. He used to play in Real Madrid and then he retired. After Zidane stopped being the coach for Real Madrid the new coach hated Ronaldo and wanted to get rid of him. He went to Juventus. Now he plays in Italy. He doesn’t play for Real Madrid anymore. He plays for Juventus now.

Many people like Juventus now cause Ronaldo went there. Ronaldo and Messi are one of the best soccer players in the world.  But in my opinion Ronaldo is better. Many people like Ronaldo and many like Messi. Messi plays in Barcelona, Real Madrid is there rival because Barcelona and Real Madrid are the best teams of Spain. But Real Madrid hasn’t gone down just because Ronaldo left. They have other good players like Isco and Toni Kroos. Ronaldo has played for Real Madrid for a really long time. He started with the number 9 and then got number 7. In Real Madrid he would always play.

But in Juventus they don’t really let him play that much. I think he’s better in Real Madrid. Zinedine Zidane left from being coach but now he helps train the Juventus soccer players. He still trains Ronaldo. Many people don’t like that Ronaldo left and in my opinion I don’t like that he left either. I think he’s only scored 1 or 2 goals in Juventus and in Real Madrid he would sometimes score every game. Real Madrid have still been playing good with the absence on Ronaldo. I’m not saying they don’t need him but they’ve been playing really good with out him.

In Fifa 18 is Cristiano Ronaldo is higher rated then Messi. Ronaldo is 94 rated and Messi is 93 rated. But in Fifa 19 i don’t know who’s gonna be higher rated now. Since Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t been playing good. Messi is pretty good. But not as good as Ronaldo. No one likes to hurt Messi because he’s pretty good at free kicks. Ronaldo and Messi are both pretty good at free kicks. There are so many people that say Ronaldo has scored more free-kicks than Messi. I don’t know if that’s true but that’s what many people say. I’ve seen many good goals from Ronaldo.

Messi has scored some good ones too but Ronaldo’s are better. When Ronaldo played in Manchester United he scored a free-kicks. It was a knuckle ball. If u don’t know what a knuckle ball is well it’s when you kick the ball and it moves in mid-air. It’s really hard to do it but if you do do it and center your shot to the goal it’s most likely to go in. It’s really hard for the goal keepers to save knuckle balls. Many goalies catch the ball when the players shoot it. But in the case of knuckle balls they just have to punch it out.



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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Life